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Attacks on Runners on the Rise – Tips

The Story

Women are getting fed up with being scared. We should not have to worry about an attack when going about our lives as usual. We should be able to go out on the town, run errands, and just run in general without the threat of an attack. Unfortunately, in the world we live in we have to be aware at all times. I came across a great article from WWLtv that shared a few tips for keeping ourselves safe, particularly when exercising outdoors but these tips can be used in almost any situation.

Tips for Safety When Running (and Safety in General)

1. Know the weapons you have on your body and how to use them

Run or walk powerfully with your shoulders back and head up, making eye contact with every person in your path, [self-defense expert Jennifer] Cassetta recommended. If you are attacked, dropping down to a squat or a lunge will drop your center of gravity and make you harder to throw to the ground, according to Cassetta. She said if you’re able to fight back, aim for the attacker’s eyes, throat and groin, explaining, “Scratch or gouge the eyes, give a punch to the throat to disrupt breathing and give a punch or a knee or an elbow to the groin.”

2. Be aware of your surroundings

Women should be “alert but calm” when they’re out and about, scanning for red flags and not getting too deep into thought, Cassetta said. “When we’re being alert, our intuition is our inner GPS, it gives us signals and sends us messages,” she said. “If we’re too caught up in our to-do list or what we’re stressed about, we can’t hear it.” Cassetta also recommended designating a friend or family member as your “safety buddy,” the person you text to let know when and where you are running and when you will return.

3. Arm yourself

Cassetta recommended women arm themselves with self-defense tools such as pepper spray and a personal alarm. “They make you that much more aware because you’re holding onto it and aware of it,” she said, adding, “If you have pepper spray, make sure you know how to use it and have it accessible.”

Read the full article HERE.

What Can We Learn?

Arm yourself and be aware. Know your surroundings and hold yourself in a confident way. Being confident will not prevent all attacks but it can make you less of a target. I recommend reading the entire article, it is a fast and interesting read that makes so many good points. I love the phrase “alert but calm”. We should be in this state at all times when we are awake. This is the “yellow” level on the situational awareness chart. Be aware and be safe out there!

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