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Attack on Popular Hiking Trail

The Story

Getting outdoors and into the open air is good for you. Everyone would agree, this is a fact. But what happens when you venture out into the wilderness and there is someone there that intends to do you harm? This is what happened to a woman walking along a popular trail one early morning in Colorado.

Man Sentenced for Violently Attacking Woman on a Popular Colorado Trail

In the early morning hours, a woman was walking along a popular, well-lit walking trail. She was getting some exercise and likely enjoying the serene forest surroundings. As she was walking along a man came up from behind her and attacked. He used a large board to severely beat the woman. There seemed to be no motive other than inflicting pain and harm. Unfortunately, this was not the first attack on this trail by this man. Another woman was harmed in a similar fashion and was able to identify the same man as the culprit.

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What Can We Learn?

I hate to say this, but you need to be prepared for the worst no matter where you are. Yes, I mean everywhere. In a beautiful, peaceful forest, there can be danger lurking. It is easy to find comfort and let your guard down but you should still have some awareness of your surroundings. Never exercise outdoors with headphones on. You need to use your senses to prevent a surprise attack. Also, have something on your person that you use for self-defense. Be prepared. Train. Educate yourself.

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One thought on “Attack on Popular Hiking Trail

  1. Kristin Friend says:

    So important to be aware of your surroundings. If listening to music (don’t recommend) only have one bud in. I walk my very rural neighborhood, houses are far apart but in a safe area. I carry every morning without fail. Better safe than sorry.

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