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Affluent Area Assault

The Story

It is important to know where and when you can feel safe. It is also important to know that the feeling of safety you have in well-known places can be deceiving. This was the case with an elderly woman that was assaulted in an affluent neighborhood in Chicago.

Chicago Residents on Edge After Attack in Affluent Neighborhood

Recently, there has been a crime surge in many areas all over the country. One of these areas seeing a growing number of crimes is Chicago. Many people wouldn’t be surprised about this, however, you may be surprised that crimes are happening in all kinds of neighborhoods. Crime-ridden areas tend to be areas that have lower-income households and fewer resources. One woman realized that even in more ritzy places, violent crimes happen.

An elderly woman was walking around her wealthy neighborhood and when a man robbed her at gunpoint. She was left unharmed but likely in shock. The residents close by are on guard as they come to terms with feeling unsafe. Living in an affluent location often seems like a way to avoid problems seen in less wealthy places. In all reality, you can’t get away from the world’s problems.

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What Can We Learn?

There are places, areas, neighborhoods, etc, where you know you have to be aware and keep your wits about you. Don’t let yourself completely lose your sense of awareness even in those comforting places. Though criminals tend to commit crimes in areas where they are comfortable as well, crimes can happen anywhere. You don’t always have to be 100% on guard and ready for an assault but you can’t be 100% comfortable either. Know your surroundings and be ready.

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