What Do You Need To Get As A New Shooter

What Do You Need To Get As A New Shooter

What Do You Need?

Well, that depends. It depends on what your primary purpose of owning a firearm is. EVERY gun owner needs the following:


quality instruction is necessary under all circumstances. Ideally this is not a loved one. Although well meaning, only a trained and experienced professional is fully equipped to train you. Many times, there can be great challenges in being taught by someone close to us.

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A Gun

One you are comfortable, one you can handle confidently, and that will fit into your lifestyle.

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A Safe

A Safe or effective locking device. If you have children in the house, the consideration of its safe keeping is a major factor in how you store your gun. See Firearms and Your Children. The BEST option in all circumstances is a Biometric Safe that allows you (and only you) very quick access to your firearm, literally, just a swipe of your finger.

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Gun Cleaning Kit

A Gun Cleaning kit. The care of your gun is directly related to its performance. Regular cleaning after shooting is extremely important.

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A Holster. Whether or not you carry your gun on your person, your gun should be kept in a quality holster that covers the trigger guard to prevent accidental firing. Read below recommendations for those that carry their gun on their person for self protection.

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Eye Protection

Quality eye protection is necessary for when you practice.

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Ear Protection

Quality ear protection is also necessary for when you practice.

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You will need to have quality ammunition for both practice. Standard rounds are recommended and typically have a lower cost. Self Defense ammunition is recommended for when you carry your gun or have it ready for self or home protection.

Other items that are useful and should be considered at some point:

The business card of a good lawyer familiar with gun laws. It is a good idea to have a conversation with or identify an attorney that you can call in the event you ever have to use your gun. Carry the card on you at all times along with your Concealed Carry Permit .

A Range Bag

As you will be practicing regularly – a quality range bag in which you can carry everything you need and keep it orderly is very helpful.

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Magazine Loader

These make loading a breeze! For many women, this is a must have to keep in their range bag!

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Dummy Rounds

Practice rounds or “dummy rounds” as they are known are a fabulous training tool. These allow you to practice using your gun without risk or possible damage to your firearm. (see important rules for dry fire practice)


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