scenario based training
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The Importance of Scenario Based Training

Scenario Based Training

Scenario based training not only grows our defensive shooting skills, it also grows our psychological and emotional skills to effectively deal with a violent attack. It won’t just be our ability to shoot a gun and hit a target that protects us, it will be our ability to mentally stay in control, deal with the stress and adrenaline and to process what is happening and know what to do, that will keep us alive. There are so many great tools at our disposal today such as video simulators and force on force training opportunities, there are even at home dry-fire/laser computer programs.

Simulated Circumstances

Recently, I did some force on force training exercises using UTM, non-lethal training ammunition with Glen Stilson of Independence Training. What an eye-opening experience it was to actually draw my gun on an attacker, (Glen played the role of the attacker) aim my gun and pull the trigger at an actual human being! My point here, is that if we own a gun with the purpose of defending ourselves against attack, we all must “exercise” our imaginative skills and put ourselves through simulated circumstances to “workout” our brains, emotions and shooting skills to do the job. This just cannot be done standing on the range shooting at a paper target.

scenario based training

Last month, I visited the USCCA headquarters and had the privilege of sitting in on one of their Live Training Broadcast’s. In the Proving Ground Series they make training as real as possible. They bring together expert firearms trainers, role players, and some of the best equipment available. Trainees are put into stressful scenarios then do in-depth reviews and critiques of their actions to teach them how to best react and what to do to be best prepared to save their lives. It is broken down moment by moment, action by action and they do a fabulous job of teaching and preparing viewers. These are incredibly educational and help us to “put ourselves in their shoes” and learn from these scenarios.

Laser Ammo has  The Smokeless Range® and family of simulators for practicing with your own carry gun, rifle or recoil enable simulated weapon (Airsoft) in the convenience of your own home. There is scenario software you an add on to enhance your training. I think the opportunity to train at home, with your own gun with a laser insert is fabulous!

True Value

Can you see the value of scenario based training? There is not the time to figure it all out during a real attack. We truly must prepare mentally, emotionally and physically and there is no better way than to simulate such events to train our brains and bodies on what to do to survive the fight!

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