The Women’s Gun Show Episode 78 – Want To Be A Gunslinger?

The Women’s Gun Show Episode 78 – Want To Be A Gunslinger?

The Women’s Gun Show Episode # 78: TITLE: WANT TO BE A GUNSLINGER?

On this week’s show, Carrie Lightfoot talks to ­­­­Michelle Cerino, aka Princess Gunslinger, about what it means and what it takes to be a gunslinger! Sponsored by Ruger.

Barbara Baird joins Carrie to converse about cool products and Julie Golob has a great Tip Time on “Improving your shooting in the COLD.” Sponsored by NRA Women.

Barb wore those alpaca gloves and tagged a big buck last weekend at her place in the Ozarks, and credits the Ruger American, chambered in 7mm08 for the success.

Carrie spent the weekend in the Sacramento area training The Well Armed Woman instructors and United States Concealed Carry Instructors.


Michelle Cerino joins Carrie on this week’s show to discuss ways to further train yourself so you can be a gunslinger, not a gun toter. Based on an article that Michelle wrote for Women’s Outdoor News, she talks about attitude and training necessary to achieve gunslinger status.

Cerino Consulting & Training Group

Princess Gunslinger

Tip Time with Julie Golob:  Improving your shooting in the COLD

Champion shooter Julie Golob closes out her excellent series on shooting in the cold, and tells us why dry fire remains essential, in this episode, sponsored by NRA Women.

Cool products

Continuing on with how to train in the cold, Carrie recommends this PACT Club Timer III. ($129.95)

She also recommends checking in the app store for this one: “The Free Shot Timer App  Itunes,” iPhone version.

Barb recommends finding dummy rounds, aka snap caps, for your caliber of gun so you can practice dry fire. Here’s a collection of them offered by Midway.

TWAW Product of the Week

Speaking of dry-fire, Carrie thinks this THE WELL ARMED WOMAN TRAINING LOG & DRY-FIRE CARDS work perfectly for the theme of this show. ($59.99)

The WON’s post of the week: How to Guest Proof Your Home for the Holidays, by Cheryl Todd

Radio show host and blogger Cheryl Todd recommends that you give a last-minute walk-through of your home before the holidays and guests arrive.


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