The Women’s Gun Show Episode 66 – Teenage Competition Shooter Cheyenne Dalton

The Women’s Gun Show Episode 66 – Teenage Competition Shooter Cheyenne Dalton

The Women’s Gun Show Episode #66: Teenage Competition Shooter Cheyenne Dalton

On this week’s show, Barbara Baird chats with Cheyenne Dalton, a teenage competition shooter who is taking the firearms world by storm with her social media engagement and performance.

Carrie Lightfoot joins Barb in discussing trending firearms news, cool products and a couple of events that you might want to attend. Plus, Julie Golob gives us the first part of the series on Tip Time and traveling with guns. Sponsored by Ruger and NRA Women.

Carrie has returned from another successful training weekend for The Well Armed Woman certification in North Carolina.

Barb is back from South Dakota and describes fitting a Mid-century Modern chair in the back seat of her Accord.

Topic: Cheyenne Dalton

Barb wrote this article about Cheyenne Dalton for NRA Family. Cheyenne is a competition shooter who is 16 years old, and already quite successful at not only competing but also, running her own social media outlets. You can also read her monthly column, sponsored by Volquartsen Firearms, at The WON.

Firearms News You Can Use

Barb is happy that more states are allowing guns on campus.

Carrie found a great resource on how to survive a terrorist vehicle attack.

Tip Time with Julie Golob:  Flying with Guns

Cool products

Carrie found a Girls with Guns Clothing light weight double barrel shooting vest in charcoal color. ($49)

Barb is admiring a new line of jewelry, the  Kristy Titus Jewelry collection, at Cabelas. ($70 to $180)

TWAW Product of the Week 

Carrie and Barb use and appreciate this Nano Vault, which is perfect for flying with a gun. ($36 and $46)

The WON’s Post of the Week

Michelle Cerino wrote about “What You Need to Know Before Your First Pistol Class.” Good stuff.

Calendar: What’s up?

Barb praises a wealth management firm in San Diego for offering this shooting course fo women on Tues., Sept. 19: Women on the Mark. ($99.99)

Carrie thinks this course is worth considering attending in Ft. Worth, Texas on Sept. 8: Troubleshooting Class at Shoot Smart ($69.99)

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