The Women’s Gun Show Episode 61 – Carrie’s New AR


The Women’s Gun Show Episode 61 – Carrie’s New AR

The Women’s Gun Show Episode #61: Carrie’s New AR

On this week’s show, Carrie Lightfoot and Barbara Baird will talk about their recent trip to the LWRCI plant in Maryland and time on the Ragged Island range to see and shoot the new The Well Armed Woman AR, the Diadem. The women also discuss trending firearms news, cool products and a couple of events that you might want to attend. Plus, Julie Golob weighs in with a tip about concealed carry ammo. Sponsored by Ruger and NRA Women.

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Carrie and Barb traveled to Cambridge, Maryland, last week to tour the LWRCI plant where The Well Armed Woman AR, the DI-ADEM, is being made. They also spent time on the range with the gun. Find out more about what they thought about the trip and experience, and why a new AR might be in your future.

Firearms News You Can Use

Barb mentions the fact that permitless concealed carry is 1 year old in Idaho, and no ill effects have been noticed. In fact, there’s been an uptick in attendance at concealed carry classes.

Carrie gives a shout out to competition shooter and DC Project coordinator Dianna Muller, for her Op-ed piece in Tulsa World“Women’s March against the NRA? Count me out!”

Tip Time with Julie Golob: Check Your Carry Ammo

Cool products

Carrie found the Defender 24/7, and Barb thinks this would be a great device for women on campus everywhere, as long as it’s legal. This gizmo is billed as “all-in-one camera, oscillating flash, siren and pepper spray that connects to a 24/7 alert service through a smartphone app, activates with the push of a button and is small enough to hang from a keychain.” Pre-order only at this date. ($179)

Barb mentioned that if you’re going to have an AR, you need a sling for it and recommends a 1-point sling from Midway to get started. ($14.99)

TWAW Product of the Week

Continuing with the self-protection theme, Carrie recommends that listeners check out the

SABRE Dual Capacitor Stun Gun with LED Flashlight in purple or black. ($19.95)

The WON’s Post of the Week

Barb reminded listeners that the Fan of the Month interviews are up at Women’s Outdoor News, and that they recently posted Lori’s vignette.

Calendar: What’s up? 

Carrie found a women’s handgun permit course in Tennessee on July 29.

Barb discovered that renowned trainer Sharon Gregg is offering a series of Women on Target “First Steps” courses this summer and into the fall at the Mechanicsburg Sportsmen’s Protective Association in Enola, Pennsylvania, including a rifle course.

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