The Women’s Gun Show – Episode 55 – The Purse Thing


The Women’s Gun Show – Episode 55 – The Purse Thing

The Women’s Gun Show Episode #55: The Purse Thing

In this podcast, Carrie Lightfoot and Barbara Baird talk about the merits and drawbacks of concealed carry purses, and some things to consider before deciding to use this means of carry. Julie Golob gives a tip about trigger control, sponsored by NRA Women. The women also discuss trending firearms news – including Tommy gun sales in St. Louis – cool products and firearms events around the country. Sponsored by Ruger.

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What’s going on in our lives

Carrie: When this show airs I would have been Austin at the NSSF Summit and am now in MI at the Michigan State Shoot  and conducting a The Well Armed Woman Instructor Certification course

Barb: Parent’s #60 anniversary! Testing a gun on the range.

Topic: The Purse Thing
Pro’s – cons

The anatomy of a good carry purse – what it must have and the important questions to ask when making the decision if purse carry is right for you.

Barb’s article in NRA Family:

The Concealed Carry Purse:

Carrie: There are purses that like the Ukoala bags (below) attach to the waist and to the thigh, to securely fasten the purse to your body”

Survival Story:

Police: Beaten trooper shoots, kills boyfriend in Pike Creek:

Firearms News You can use

Friends and Family Campaign:

Carrie: Sale of the Century: St. Louis Police Announce Sale of Vintage Tommy Guns

Julie Golob: “Tip Time” – all about Trigger Control

Cool products

Montana West Sugar Skull Collection Concealed Handgun Crossbody –  coming soon to TWAW


TWAW Product of the Week

The Well Armed Woman Waist- pack  79.99

The WON’s Post of the Week:

Calendar: What’s up?

Carrie –  Young Adults Personal Protection Course: July 21-22 2017

Barb: Georgia Beyond BOW — Glock, Inc. and Georgia BBOW present: Women’s Handgun Preparedness: July 7-9, 2017

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