The Women’s Gun Show Episode 52- Liz Lazarus Interview – Free of Malice

The Women’s Gun Show Episode 52- Liz Lazarus Interview – Free of Malice

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What’s going on in our lives 

Carrie: Mother’s Day

Barb: Turkey hunt success!

Topic: Liz Lazarus

Survival Story

Photo: Kimberly Corban

Carrie:  Kimberly Corban Shares Minute By Minute Account Of Her Sexual Assault On Last Year’s 10th Anniversary

Firearms News You can use

Barb: National Safety Council just released its Injury Facts 2017 report compiling 2015 data, and it found that accidental firearms fatalities tumbled 17% from 2014 to 2015 to just 489 deaths, or just 0.003% of the total, the lowest since record-keeping began in 1903. And that decline occurred even as total accidental deaths from all other listed causes actually rose 8% to 146,571.

Photo: Fabio

Carrie: Fabio Pens Steamy Love Letter to Americans: “Don’t Ever Give Up Your Guns!”

Cool products

Barb: Trijicon MRO:

Carrie:  Live Fire Drill Cards Handgun Training Log  $59.95:

TWAW Product of the Week

Ukoala Bag – Compact Dragon  $119:

The WON’s Post of the Week

Barb: How to choose a firearms instructor:

Calendar: What’s up? 



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