The Women’s Gun Show – Episode 5 – Trigger Time

The Women’s Gun Show – Episode 5 – Trigger Time

Episode 5 June 17, 2016 – Trigger Time

Special Guest – Mike Abramovich

The Women’s Gun Show Episode #5: Trigger Time

In this show, Carrie Lightfoot and Barbara Baird talk about a little metal thing that means a lot to a firearm owner – the trigger. Carrie interviews Mike Abramovich, who is a training counselor for the NRA and at The Well Armed Woman. Mike will discuss trigger press and importance of learning how to operate this small, but mighty, part of a firearm. Mike then gives us a trigger-training tip. The Well Armed Woman product of the week is the trigger shield, to be used with soft holsters. Barbara explains the concept of the GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation, and how you can find an event sponsored by it this summer. Also, don’t forget to enter the “fan of the month” opportunity, where you can win prizes from The Well Armed Woman and be featured at Women’s Outdoor News. Carrie interviews the May “Fan of the Month.”

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Dot Torture Drill

The Well Armed Woman Trigger Shield:

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30th Anniversary Glock to The Well Armed Woman: