The Women’s Gun Show – Episode 37 – Guns in Underwear

The Women’s Gun Show – Episode 37 – Guns in Underwear

This week, we’ll talk about how to conceal your gun in underwear, from corsets to compression shorts, we’ve got you … covered.

I’m going to get some grandma time with Rowan!

Guns in Underwear

Bra holster – Flashbang                                                               Tank Top – Also available in Midriff                    

Undershorts                                                                                     Thigh holster undershorts                    

Dene Adams Corsett                                                                        Can Can

TWAW Trigger Shield –

TWAW Chapter Leaders weigh in on undergarment products

Adrianna: Dene Adams corset holster! No firearm potty training necessary, comfy, can carry extra mag/2nd firearm/knife/license in 2nd pocket, safe, and truly ambi. I own several and wear them nearly everyday!

Listen to Episode 19 – Your Gun in the Bathroom!

Susan: LOVE the concealement leggings!!! LOVE!!

Taran: I love my cancan holster I wore out my 1st one and am on my 2nd one. It holds 3 guns, 3 mags but i use it to hold 1 gun, my cell phone, keys, money for when I’m outside or anywhere I don’t want to carry my purse. It also holds in my fat hehe! you can move it around so you can carry the gun wherever you want

Kimberly: I love the Can Can Hip Hugger Classic. With the extender, I’m covered medium to large, with a lot more options to adjust the fit.

Peggy: Love Can Can classic belly band and the thigh garter as well. Very sturdy and adjustable to whatever wardrobe needs are. I also use the under tech leggings to run or to just wear and the tanks are pretty good if you can put a loose top over.

Chelsea: I use the flashbang daily. It’s so comfortable that I have actually napped in it! I can wear it under a form fitting shirt and no one is any the wiser. I’ve also recently started using the cancan concealment garter holster when I wear dresses. It’s cute and functional! Wore it to church yesterday and it was great.

Sue: I have used smartcarry for years and then found the can-can which I absolutely love. The mini-sport and the hipster are great as is the thigh holster, (very slim profile …even under shifts on sunday). I also like the undertech compression pants BUT…I think they are not as safe because you have to pull them down, gun and all to toilet. You do that with an OWB or IWB but they are secured to a belt. This is not and the support is not good. But the concept is great. If they would just find a way to unsnap the crotch so you didn’t have to handle the gun every time I think they would have a fantastic product.

Bernice: I just bought undertech concealment shirt and underwear/shorts.

Survival Story

Carrie:  Armed robber recovering from wounds after woman uses personal gun in defense  Winchester VA –

Firearms news you can use 

Barb: Unbelievable! California legislators exempt themselves from gun laws in the state:

Carrie:  NRA Applauds Neil Gorsuch’s Nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court –

Cool products 

Barb: Booby Trap bras: (I couldn’t resist!)

Carrie: Kimber revolvers

Video on the Kimber Revolver:

TWAW Product of the Week – The Well Armed Woman Gun Basics Training DVD –   $19.99

  • Firearm Safety
  • The two types of Handguns and the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Loading & unloading
  • Stance
  • Grip
  • Trigger Pull
  • Aiming your gun
  • Drawing your gun
  • Holsters & holstering
  • Practice

Calendar: What’s up? 

Barb – Appleseed revisit – get it on your calendar for 2017:

Carrie –  NSSF Fantasy Camp: NSSF Fantasy Camp 

Fan of the Month Interview: Jay from Minnesota

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