The Women’s Gun Show – Episode 1 – Guns and Babies

The Women’s Gun Show – Episode 1 – Guns and Babies

Episode 1 – May 20, 2016 Guns and Babies

Special guest – Gabby Franco

In this introductory episode, Carrie Lightfoot, of The Well Armed Woman, and Barbara Baird, of Women’s Outdoor News, discuss one of the hottest topics in shooting – guns and babies. The women introduce the 3-part series on Guns and Babies – focusing on pregnancy and shooting – available as downloads at their websites. Guest Gabby Franco, who was an Olympic shooter and now is a firearms trainer, talks about why she has chosen to step away from the range during her pregnancy and gives us a great tip for dry fire training. The women also discuss trending firearms topics, a handgun they love to shoot and a super option for pregnant shooters – the belly band. And, Barbara talks about why she wears gloves and carries a walnut-picking stick when she’s walking country roads. Carrie mentions shooting events and the upcoming National Rifle Association’s Meetings in Louisville. Sponsored by Ruger. Pregnancy series sponsored by LaserMax and Everything Covert.

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