The Women’s Gun Show Episode 84 – The Best Resolutions

The Women’s Gun Show Episode 84 – The Best Resolutions

The Women’s Gun Show Episode #84: The Best Resolutions


On this week’s show, hosts Carrie Lightfoot and Barbara Baird get to listen and discuss New Year’s Resolutions from the best in the industry. Several guests from last year’s podcasts share their personal resolutions for on and off the range. Sponsored by Ruger.

As usual, Carrie and Barb found some way cool products and Julie Golob has a great Tip Time on Recoil Control, such an important topic and one many of us struggle to master.



On this week’s show, hear resolutions by the following guests of “The Women’s Gun Show”:

Michelle Cerino

Cheyenne Dalton

Dawn Hillyer

Julie Golob

Gabby Franco

Greg Ellifritz


Tip Time with Julie Golob:  TOPIC- MANAGING RECOIL

Julie Golob gives an advanced tip, along with basic advice on how to manage recoil in this “Tip Time” sponsored by NRA Women.

Cool products 

Carrie has been using this Coolfire laser recoil trainer and highly recommends it for practice. ($399.95)

Sign up for Mike Seeklanders Daily Dry Fire Challenge

Barb signed up for former Navy SEAL firearms trainer Chris Sajnog’s online course in order to practice mental marksmanship and on and off the range skills. (From free to advanced pricing)

TWAW Product of the Week: Training Log and Dry-Fire Cards 

Carrie recommends buying a calendar AND a training log that includes dry fire drills this year. ($59.99)

The WON’s post of the week: 3 Indications of Bad Firearms Training

Top Shot contestant and former law enforcement officer Sara Ahrens lists 3 things to watch out for before you sign up for a firearms training course

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