The Women’s Gun Show – Episode 104 – Best of the Best

The Women’s Gun Show – Episode 104 – Best of the Best

The Women’s Gun Show – Episode 104 – Best of the Best


Welcome to The Women’s Gun Show, the podcast for self-protectors and those who love the shooting sports or who are interested in learning more about shooting. I’m …

This is show #104, and the final podcast for The Women’s Gun Show. Barbara and I have had such a great time with you and have just loved sharing and talking with you about so many fabulous topics, important to you – the woman shooter.

We’ll also hear a retro Tip Time from Il Ling New – Drawing From Concealment! All the training in the world, having the best gun or the best holster matters if you can’t safely and quickly draw your firearm and get on target – this tip is as good as it gets! sponsored by NRA Women.

Barbara is on her trip to the Branson area to spend time fishing and shooting — she’ll be at the same place shooting that you guys will be at for the conference. Toyota and Bass Pro Shops teamed to host this outdoor writers’ media event, to include bass fishing, fly fishing, driving through Dogwood canyon and of course, visiting the new Wonders of Wildlife Museum and Aquarium in Springfield.  Then, I’ll head up to Columbia, MO, to see Julie and Randi Rogers (Ruger shooter) and other fantastic women pistol competition shooters, in action at the NRA Bianchi Cup.

I am getting ready to head to Hilton Head SC for the NSSF Summit. The NSSF Industry Summit is the premier forum for leaders in the firearms industry, providing a platform for information and idea exchange.

Show Topic: Best of the Best

Carrie takes us through the Top 5 The Women’s Gun Show episodes.

Find out the most listened to shows!

Retro Tip Time with Il Ling New – Drawing from Concealment

Cool products

Gifts for Dad

Over at Women’s Outdoor NewsBecky Yackley did this video on how to raise children to respect firearms:


Even though this is our last show, all of the episodes will continue to be available on The Well Armed Woman and Women’s Outdoor News websites. All of the great topics, discussions, tips, and interviews will be available to you as a resource.

You can keep up with Barbara – and myself at and please follow us both on our social media sites.

It has been an absolute joy, sharing and hanging out with you. Thank you for all you do as ambassadors, mentors and inspirations to women all over the country. You are awesome and I am so very proud of you!

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