The Women’s Gun Show Episode 102 – Behind The Scenes Peek at NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

NRAAM Attendance

The Women’s Gun Show Episode 102 – Behind The Scenes Peek at NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

The Women’s Gun Show Episode #102: Behind The Scenes Peek at NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

The Women’s Gun Show Episode #102: Behind The Scenes Peek at NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits

In show #102 Carrie gives a behind the scenes peek of the NRAAM shares her “Take Aways” from this historic event.

Barbara is on her way to British Columbia with a female vet to accompany her on a bear hunt, sponsored by Freedom Hunters, and also to do some fly fishing. When she gets home, she’ll

be off to the Bianchi Cup to cover it, and watch the fantastic female shooters — such as Julie Golob — as they compete for the prize.

Carrie, well she just got home from one of the most amazing weeks of her life.

Show Topic: A peek behind the scenes at the 147th NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits event held in Dallas Texas. Where history was made.

Record-breaking attendance – 87, 154

Record-breaking fundraising

Record-breaking new memberships – the NRA now has almost 6 Million members!

President Trump and Vice President Pence visit NRAAM together

Lt. Colonel Oliver North to become the President of the National Rifle Association of America

Carrie’s Take-Aways

The attack on the NRA and our second amendment, unlike anything we have seen before. Those opposed to our Second Amendment Rights are coming at us from every direction in a complex and sophisticated attack with unlimited funding.

The midterm elections this year are not just important; they are critical to the preservation of our Second Amendment rights. We MUST elect pro-gun candidates to maintain majorities in Congress and the Senate. Typically there are 20-25 seats to fill. This year there are approximately 75. One of the most important tasks of the NRA ILA is to support and work to get pro-gun candidates elected. This, of course, takes resources of dollars and people. As you know the dollars it takes to do this in today’s elections is skyrocketing. To get 75 pro-gun candidates into office is a monumental task. You must vote and we all must do what we can to financially support ILA

Donations to NRA support NRA programming, donations to ILA support political efforts.

The people behind the NRA are amazing people.  The Board of Directors, the staff, and the volunteers are passionate patriots. They love this country and are committed to protecting our rights.

Tip Time – Get in touch with, connect with, and support NRA Women programs and efforts

NRA Women’s Leadership Women’s Luncheon and New Energy Breakfast for women.

There were a staggering 1200 women in attendance at this year’s luncheon.

400K was raised specifically for the NRA School Shield program.

NRA Women

NRA women’s Leadership Forum

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WON post of the week: We are so proud of Ashlee Lundvall and the announcement of her nomination to be on the President’s Sport, Fitness and Nutrition Council!

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