Finding the Right Size Holster for Your Gun

Finding the right size holster for your gun

Common questions we receive at The Well Armed Woman are: “Which holster is right for me?” And “Which size holster do I need to fit my gun model?”

This guide will help you to answer the second question. To determine Which holster is right for you” please read this article About Concealed Carry Holsters for Women

With all the Different sizing scales out there, what works for one holster, does not work for others! So here are some helpful steps on finding the right size holster for your gun.

Hint: I have also included a cheat sheet at the bottom of this post showing common firearms and the holster size you need for each!

If you have determined that one of our Kydex holsters (these are the hard plastic holsters such as the TWAW IWB or TWAW OWB/Convertible holsters that are molded to the exact specifications of each individual gun model) then no need to worry about sizing. Because these holsters are made specifically for your gun, it will be the perfect fit. kydex holsters

The guide below will help you with sizing for all of the other holsters available that are not molded Kydex.

Let’s Get Started

The first thing to do is to know the size of your gun. You can determine this by looking at your Guns owner’s manual, look at your guns manufacturer’s direct webpage, get out your handy ruler and measure your gun or my favorite and perhaps the easiest of all go to Google and type in “[your gun model] specs” + Search. Instantly you have the main measurements you will need to properly fit your firearm. You will want to pay attention to

  • The barrel length
  • The Overall Length
  • Trigger Guard Shape
  • If your gun has a laser or not

Next, look at the holsters description. There will most likely be a measurement scale they use to determine to size. This can be an indication the barrel length, the overall length, each holster is different so pay close attention to what they are asking for.

From step one, you will know your gun specifications (specs), so the next step is to compare those to the holsters’ sizing and you will have the size you need!

The internet is amazing, isn’t it? Finding the right size holster for your gun has never been easier!

So let’s look at an example

Say I have a Glock 43 and I am trying to buy a Magnetic Waistband Holster from The Well Armed Woman Store.

Size Your Gun

First, I Google: ” Glock 43 specs”

This should bring up a quick specification hit (as pictured)

google glock

which may not always be reliable depending on the source… remember anyone can put something on the internet. Make sure you trust your source. 

You should also find a link to the gun model on the manufacturer’s website which you can always trust.

google g43

So, I have found the barrel length of the Glock 43 is 3.41″, which I got from the Glock website.

Size the Holster

Next, I look at the sizing chart on in the description of the Magnetic Waistband Holster on Th Well Armed Woman Store.

magnetic size

You can see from this picture the LG Auto Square fits guns with barrel lengths from 3″-3.6″ which is where my Glock 43 falls into.

Another thing you may note from this specific holster is the “round” or “square” trigger guard, this is referring to the shape of your trigger guard. To give you an idea of the difference. You can see below that the Glock 43 has a square shaped trigger guard while on the other hand, the Sig P938 has a round shaped trigger guard.

square trigger guard  round trigger guard


This is just one of those measurements that differ from holster to holster. That is why you need to know the specs of your gun in order to find the right fit.

To make things easier, we have compiled a quick go to sizing chart for common gun models we get questions about and the holsters that fit them on The Well Armed Woman Store.

Gun ModelSticky HolsterMagnetic Waistband HolsterPistol Pouch Pistol Wear Underarm HolsterTWAW IWB HolsterTWAW OWB HolsterTWAW Magazine Holster
Glock 19LG-2XL Auto SquareWill Not FitCompactGlock 19/23/32Glock 19/23/32Double Stack 9
Glock 26MD-4 Gen 1LG Auto SquareMDCompactGlock 26/27/22Glock 26/27/22Double Stack 9
Glock 42SM-5LG Auto SquareMDSub CompactGlock 42Glock 42Glock 42
Glock 43MD-4LG Auto SquareMDCompactGlock 43Glock 43Glock 43
Glock 43 with LaserMD-4 Mod LaserMay not fit depending on laser modelMay not fit depending on laser model
CompactGlock 43 (CT LG-443), Armalaser, Lasermax CF-G42-LC or TLR-6)Glock 43 (CT LG-443), Armalaser, Lasermax CF-G42-LC or TLR-6)Glock 43
Kimber micro 9SM-5Lg Auto RoundMDCompactKimber Micro 9Kimber Micro 9Single Stack 9
Ruger EC9MD-1Lg Auto RoundMDSub CompactRuger EC9Ruger EC9Single Stack 9
Ruger LC9/380MD-1LG Auto RoundMDSub CompactLC9/380LC9/380Single Stack 9
Ruger LC9/380 with laserMD-2XL Auto SquareMDSub CompactRuger LC9/380 with laser (CT, lasermax, or Viridian R5)Ruger LC9/380 with laser (CT, lasermax, or Viridian R5)Single Stack 9
Ruger LCPSM-2Medium AutoSMSub CompactRuger LCPRuger LCPSingle Stack 380
Ruger LCP with LaserMD-2May not fit depending on laser modelMDSub CompactRuger LCP (with CT, Laserlyte, Lasermax or Viridian R5)Ruger LCP (with CT, Laserlyte, Lasermax or Viridian R5)Single Stack 380
Ruger LCP IISM-2Medium AutoSMSub CompactRuger LCP IIRuger LCP IISingle Stack 380
Ruger LCRMD-5Small RevolverMDCompactRuger LCRRuger LCRN/A
S&W Bodyguard 380SM-2Medium AutoSMSub CompactBodyguard 380Bodyguard 380Single Stack 380
S&W J frame revolverMD-5Small RevolverMDCompactJ frame revolverJ frame revolverN/A
S&W M&P Compact 9mmMD-4 Gen 1XL Auto SquareWill Not FitCompactS&W M&P 9/40C (with or without a safety)S&W M&P 9/40C (with or without a safety)Double Stack 9
S&W M&P ShieldMD-4LG Auto SquareMDCompactShieldShieldShield
S&W M&P Shield with laserMD-4 Mod LaserWill Not FitWill Not FitCompactS&W M&P Shield with laser (Viridian R%, CT red/green, Armalaser, Lasermax, Laserlyte or TLR-6)S&W M&P Shield with laser (Viridian R%, CT red/green, Armalaser, Lasermax, Laserlyte or TLR-6)Shield
S&W M&P Shield 2.0MD-4LG Auto SquareMDCompactS&W M&P Shield 2.0 with SafetyS&W M&P Shield 2.0 with SafetyShield
S&W M&P Shield 2.0 with Internal LaserMD-4 Mod LaserWill Not FitMDCompactS&W M&P Shield 2.0 with Internal Laser and SafetyS&W M&P Shield 2.0 with Internal Laser and SafetyShield
SIG p238SM-2Medium AutoSMSub CompactSig P238p238Single Stack 380
SIG P238 with LaserSM-3LG Auto RoundMDSub CompactSig P238 (with factory laser, CT, Lima 38 or Viridian R5Sig P238 (with factory laser, CT, Lima 38 or Viridian R5Single Stack 380
SIG P365SM-5LG Auto RoundMDSub CompactSig P365P365P365
SIG P938SM-5Medium AutoSMSub CompactSig P938P938Single Stack 9
Springfield 911 380SM-2Medium AutoSMSub Compact911 380911 380Single Stack 380
Springfield 911 9mmSM-5Medium AutoSMSub CompactNot Available YetNot Available YetSingle Stack 9
Springfield shield ezMD-4XL Auto SquareMDCompactshield ezshield ezSingle Stack 380
Springfield XD SC 9mmMD-3LG Auto SquareMDCompactSpringfield XD 9/40 Sub Compact 3"Springfield XD 9/40 Sub Compact 3"Double Stack 9
Springfield XDS 3.3 9mmMD-2LG Auto SquareMDCompactXDS 3.3XDS 3.3Double Stack 9
Taurus PT-111MD-4 Gen 1LG Auto SquareMDCompactPT-111 (G1 or G2)PT-111 (G1 or G2)Double Stack 9
Walther PK380MD-4XL Auto SquareMDCompactWalther PK380Walther PK380Single Stack 380
Walther PPSMD-4LG Auto RoundMDCompactWalther PPS (M1 or M2)Walther PPS (M1 or M2)Single Stack 9
Wather CCPMD-4XL Auto SquareMDCompactWalther CCPWalther CCPSingle Stack 9


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