Tactical Belt – Black or Purple

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This is NOT simply a fashion belt! Handmade with unique liner construction, this belt provides a perfect stiffness for holsters yet is extremely comfortable! IMPORTANT – READ SIZING INSTRUCTIONS BELOW. Actual belt design may vary from picture.





These awesome 1-1/4″ Crosstac belts come with a custom Silver COBRA buckle (Nickel free) and a hidden money slot will hold emergency cash and can hold a small house key for emergencies. Great for everything from everyday wear to serious competitors. This is NOT simply a fashion belt!  Handmade with our unique liner construction just like our other belts provides a perfect stiffness for holsters yet is extremely comfortable. This belt meets IDPA competition standards.

Actual belt design may vary from picture.

HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR SIZE: Our belts run true to size. To order an accurate size you will need to take two measurements. First measure around your waistband, through the belt loops (where you normally wear the belt), using a cloth tape measure. Then take a second measurement that includes any holsters or gear you wear on the belt. Our belts have about three inches of adjustability, approximately 1.5 inches on either side of the size you order. Just find the sweet spot between measurements (with and without gear) to get a belt that works for both.

IMPORTANT SIZING NOTE:It is important to measure and not use existing pants, skirt, dress or belt tags… those do not reflect actual size. Your clothing tags may say 32″ or Size 8 (for example), but that often differs from actual size.  Measuring is the only way to guarantee you’ll get a belt that fits.


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3 reviews for Tactical Belt – Black or Purple

  1. Waleska (verified owner)

    I just got mine in the mail and love it! I did so much research and was unsure at first if it was the Crosstac brand or not. I can proudly say it is Crosstac and it does have the small knife compartment (not shown in the picture) . If you really want the knife go to Crosstac and order the mini SOG knife, I might. BTW the knife that is suppose to go there is sooo small just saying. but again love my new belt! Cant wait to show the ladies at the range.

  2. RugerLady

    This is an excellent belt thin, but reenforced, great for casual outfits & a serious gun belt. If you are a Well Armed Woman member the price is a significant discount over purchasing similar belts from Crosstac. This one doesn’t have the knife holder option, but it is possible to hide a couple of emergency bills between the belt and the reenforced section at the back. The only pants that don’t work with the buckles are too formal for this style of belt. Some loops do require a little extra wiggle to slide through. I use the Velcro adjustment more often than I expected. I have to to get my OWB holsters on the belt and it’s much faster for many belt loops even if it isn’t necessary to feed through the loops and then reattach the buckle and adjust the belt size. Thin enough to be coiled up for storage, but holds its shape well does a good job of supporting a holster even with belt unlatched. Also a little more adjustable than I expected. I can’t find a reason not to love it yet.

  3. slz

    I’ve had this belt about a month now and love it! I’ve tried others, but couldn’t get the size right. The biggest variation for me was the different style pants I wear. Some sit at the waist and some sit below. I took both measurements and ordered the size in the middle and it works great! Nice and sturdy too and very comfortable. The only thing I would change is the silver buckle – it shows through a bit if your blouse is somewhat sheer. I would prefer black. Overall I’m very pleased.

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