Premium Cleaning Patches

New triangle shaped notched patches provide a better clean in less time.


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We solved the problem of patches becoming stuck by putting patented notches at the middles of the sides, where the notches remove excessive fabric pleating aka multi-layering. The reduction of excessive pleating makes patch passage smooth, and that reduces rod flexing, which in turn reduces potential harm to rifling. The patch’s 1.3-inch side is longer than a typical 0.75-inch square patch. The longer side means a longer radius which results it giving it a longer reach down a jag. Reaching farther down a jag means more bore contact. Our triangular patch works best when used with our Jag Brush, but it may be used with any long jag. Our cotton flannel is thick, averaging 0.0175 inch, and going as high as 0.0190 inch. It is napped and highly absorbent. We source our cotton flannel here in the USA, and we fabricate them on our machines in Southern California. It will be the last patch you will ever want to use. Please see our video by searching “triangle patch” at


Caliber and Qty Information

.22 – 27: Qty 200 : .22 caliber, .25 caliber

.27 – .35: Qty 120 : .380 caliber, 9mm,

.35 – .58 : Qty 80 : .38 caliber, .357 caliber, .40 caliber, .45 caliber


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