On The Belt Ambidextrous Holster w/ Thumb Break

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These can be worn left or right as they have a reversible clip. Available in three fun patterns: Pink Camo, Leopard and Black. Made from high grade nylon. Durable and firm for easy holstering.

Available sizes:
  • 01 – Fits most .22/25 semi-autos: Taurus PT-22/25, MP-25, Raven Arms P-25 etc.
  • 01A – Fits most 3″ .22/.25 semi-autos: Colt Mustang, Lorcin etc.
  • 02 – Fits most round trigger guard .32/.380 semi-autos: Sig 230, Taurus PT58, Walther PP/PPK’s etc
  • 07 – fits most 2″ small frame revolvers: Charter Arms Off Duty/Undercover/Pathfinder, S&W J Frame etc.
  • 07A – fits most 3″ small frame revolvers: S&W J Frame, Taurus 85,  etc.
  • 08 – fits most 3″ medium-large frame revolvers: Ruger GP-100, Colt Diamondback etc.
  • 16A – fits most compact autos: Beretta 92 compact, Glock 19,23 S&W 5906 etc.


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