Ready to Ship Custom In the Waistband Holsters


Want a custom holster but don’t want to wait?

Here is a collection of special order and unique holsters that we have available and in-stock and ready to ship, so you don’t have to wait!

Important order instructions below, please read first!

This is typically a non-stocked product so there are no returns or exchanges on these holsters so please select carefully.


Holster Number

Please type the number that coincides with the holster model you would like to purchase, listed in the chart below.

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Want a custom colored holster but don’t want to wait? Problem solved!

Below is a list of custom holsters that we have in our warehouse and can ship right away! Over the years we have had incorrect custom orders come in so each one of these holsters is brand new! The holsters have already been molded to the listed gun model and in the noted colors (these options cannot be changed on this product). There are very limited quantities of these holsters.

Key functional features:

  • No Bulge Ultra-Slim Profile: Our slim and minimalist designs means only you will know it’s there! Our recessed clip makes this holster lay flatter than any other and minimizes the bulge! This also prevents scratches to your barrel that are common with traditional clips or screws.
  • Smooth comfort: We don’t need anymore plastic in our pants than is necessary! Our holster is trimmed to remove any extra kydex and smoothed to perfection so no irritating sharp or protruding edges!
  • Our Double Sweat Shield protects both your gun and your clothes from moisture and dirt.
  • Wear any shirt you want! Our deep tuckable clip works on any type of waistband (with or without a belt -will fit a 1 1/2 or 1 3/4 inch belt) so you can tuck in ANY shirt
  • Decide How Low: our Low Ride Adjustable Clip lets you raise or lower the ride height to fit your body and clothing best. This keeps the grip low to the waistband for a woman’s shorter waist. (smaller gun holsters have less adjustability)
  • You can adjust the cant to just the perfect angle for the perfect draw for you. We include Vibra-Tite VC-3 Threadmate FREE to help you keep cant adjustment tight.
  • It’s even Ambidextrous!
  • Holds your gun securely so it stays put! Made of .080 Kydex to give you the ultimate retention.


Add The Ultimate Clip for even more versatility

Don’t wear a belt? Problem solved! This ultimate holster clip changes in the waistband carry forever! Its revolutionary clamp design has no need for a belt or any other secondary means of support to provide its retention. Now you can wear just about any in the waistband holster that currently has a clip (Screw on or retention holster clips) with ANY WAISTBAND, regardless of it’s thickness. (Note: a heavier firearm clipped onto a thinner waistband, may sag and not provide proper retention) It offers over 10 times the retention and can clip while increasing conceal-ability with it’s short clip lever so less clip is showing on your waistband.

How to order:

  1. Find your gun model (including laser if you have it) on the list *Gun model must be an exact match!
  2. The model and colors listed for that holster cannot be changed
  3. In the required field, type the number from the first column which is the Holster number. This is how we will know which holster you want.
    • Example: If you have a 1911 4″ firearm and like the Old Glory Design, type 1 in the Holster Number box to select that holster
  4. Disregard quantity
  5. Please be careful when selecting and make sure you have the right holster number, as this product is not able to be returned or exchanged.

If you would like to custom build your holster, please follow this link IWB custom holster or purchase one of our stocked colors – Here

All custom holster purchases are final, no returns or exchanges.

Holster NumberGun ModelColor
2Beretta APX (Full-Size)Purple
3CZ 75 P-07Black Carbon Fiber
4EAA SAR B6P 4.5Graveyard on White
6Glock 30sPurple
7Glock 30SFwoodland
8Glock 42 w/ TLR6Black
9HK P2000Digital Desert
11HKP30sBlack Carbon Fiber
12H&K P30sksGun Metal
15Kahr CM40/PM40Black Carbon Fiber
16Kahr CM40/PM40Black Carbon Fiber
22Kimber SoloBlack
23Kimber Micro 9Black Carbon Fiber
28Ruger LCP w/CTGun Metal
31Ruger LCR 357Black Carbon Fiber
35Ruger SR40Black
36Ruger SR40CBlack Carbon Fiber
37Sig P224Camo
40SIG Sauer P229R Enhanced Elite .40 CaliberKryptek Raid
43Sig P250CPurple
44Sig P290 w/factory laserGun Metal
52S&W J-FrameKryptek Yeti
53S&W J-FrameKC Pink
56S&W Bodyguard 38Gun Metal
62S&W 3913Black Carbon Fiber
64S&W M&P 9/40Black Carbon Fiber
66S&W M&P 22CMocha
67S&W M&P 22CBlack Carbon Fiber
68S&W M&P 45cPink
69S&W SW9VE SigmaPurple
70Springfield XD 4"Black Carbon Fiber
71Springfield XD 4"Black Carbon Fiber
72Springfield XD 4"Purple
73Springfield XD 4"Purple
74Springfield XD 4"Purple
75Springfield XD 4"Purple
76Springfield XD 4"Purple
77Springfield XD CompactOld Glory
78Springfield XD45 Mod2Black
80Springfield XDC 4"Blue
81Springfield XDmDigital Desert
83Springfield XDM 3.8Clear
84Springfield XDM 3.8Purple
85Springfield XDC 9/40Black Carbon Fiber
86Taurus 24/7Black
88Taurus Model 85Pink
91SCCY CPX 1/2Gun Metal
Additional information

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
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