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The cleverly designed CrossBreed® MiniTuck® features comfort and conceal-ability for compact carry pistols. This holster is ideal for deep concealment of a smaller pistol or for those with a smaller body frame. Designed exclusively and patented by CrossBreed® Holsters, the MiniTuck® is hand molded to fit each specific firearm listed. It features a premium leather backing with a molded and mounted kydex pocket and includes a “combat cut” standard on each holster. Versatile for carry options, the MiniTuck® may be worn comfortably with or without your shirt tucked in – based on your personal carry style. Powder coated steel belt clips are modular, enabling you to adjust cant AND ride height.

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Add The Ultimate Clip 3 for even more versatility

This ultimate holster clip changes in the waistband carry forever! Its revolutionary clamp design has no need for a belt or any other secondary means of support to provide it’s retention. Now you can wear just about any in the waistband holster that currently has a clip (Screw on or retention holster clips) with ANY WAISTBAND, regardless of it’s thickness. (Note: a heavier firearm clipped onto a thinner waistband, may sag and not provide proper retention) It offers over 10 times the retention and can clip while increasing conceal-ability with it’s short clip lever so less clip is showing on your waistband.



Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Mini Tuck Holster by Crossbreed

  1. Cindy

    My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE holster! So comfortable right from the first day! I’m a curvy girl with not a lot of waste area room. Feels amazing. I wear my firearm at about 1 to 2’oclock No sweating, moving, pinching, biting, never moves….. The clips that come with the holster are perfect and hold on tightly to my belt. (I like to use a belt) Holds my S&W Shield in perfectly with no adjustments needed. I’m getting another firearm and will be purchasing another Crossbreed Mini Tuck for that one also 🙂

  2. Carolann

    Update: I changed my carry position to between 3 and 4 o’clock and I love this holster even MORE!!

  3. Cecilia

    My word.
    This holster is INCREDIBLE. It is beyond comfortable, and conceals like a dream, pants, skirts, or shorts are no matter. Depending on how tight you wear your waistbands, you don’t even *have* to wear a belt.
    I’m 5’4″ish, and not largely framed, but also not boney.
    I have never been able to comfortably conceal in the waist before now
    I have no problem with my GLOCK42 getting tucked away with this holster.
    I appreciate it so much, because before now I could only conceal in a thigh holster comfortably, and you can only wear so many skirts
    The leather base is comfy on the skin, causes minimal *extra* sweating, and the kydex fits the gun perfectly and gives you security, without being ’too clingy’
    Thank you crossbreed for creating something so comfortable and functional, and thank you TWAW for offering it to us here! In the future (with a little extra money) I hope to pick one of these up for my GLOCK26 as well.

  4. Carolann

    Awesome! Glock 43, most comfortable for me. Im able too wear fitted clothing with t shirt tucked into jeans! I generally carry appendix. The only choice was the all black and I love it. I have noticed on the web complaints about the cross on each clip but I love that look. I dont think it is really noticeable. I have not put on the ulticlips yet and not sure if I will as I like wearing a belt with my jeans anyway. I do not need a tank top under my tshirt in order to protect my skin. I have worn this holster against my skin no problem no sweat. I have very sensitive skin. I have not adjusted the height of the clips yet which I had just realized the other day I can do. And I will because I would love for it to sit a little lower in the pants. I will likely get one for my 42 also!

  5. Frances

    I love my Crossbreed Mini Tuck holster! I carry a Smith & Wesson Shield and carry in the front, appendix style. I really like that I can adjust it so that the gun has more of a cant, leather doesn’t sweat when its hot outside and it stays put. I just played a backyard game of volleyball and didn’t have any problems with it moving, and nobody knew I was carrying.

  6. Nancy

    I use this holster for my Ruger LC9 and love it! It is stable and I usually don’t wear a belt. It is very well concealed and I don’t print with this. I do wear my shirt over my jeans. You can adjust the cant to make it more comfortable for you. I bought it in cowhide.

  7. Sandra

    So sad to see that The Well Armed Woman is no longer carrying the Ava IWB holsters (don’t like the hybrid ones that you are clearing out either). Have 2 and was planning on getting a third for my new Glock 43 – they are the most comfortable and concealable holsters I have ever owned. I’ve tried the Crossbreed holsters and am so disappointed (though my husband likes them). They are not comfortable enough and do not conform to a woman’s body like the Ava does.

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