Magnetic Waistband Leather Holster

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This holster is IDEAL for pants/sweatpants or skirts with no belt.  The magnet is amazingly strong so the holster does NOT slip! It also can be molded to your gun for a custom perfect fit (Please note: once this holster is custom molded, it is no longer able to be returned).

This is an OWB holster. To wear IWB, purchase the same size but the opposite of your dominant hand. (If you are right-handed, purchase left-handed to wear IWB & vice versa).

Use our gun guide to help you find the right model. Have a question about gun model fit? Contact us!


See drawing, sizing and more details in the description below!

**This holster is not a part of the Closeout Sale and promo code CLOSEOUT will not work in addition to current sale pricing.



This holster is IDEAL for pants/sweatpants or skirts with no belt. The magnet is amazingly strong so the holster does NOT slip! It also can be molded to your gun for a custom perfect fit (comes with complete and very easy directions. Please note: once this holster is molded, it is no longer able to be returned). It also has a built-in sight channel. It can be ordered for right or left-handed shooters and with canted or cross draw style. These amazing holsters can be molded and formed to YOUR gun or used as is perhaps for multiple gun models of similar size.

Can be worn on the waist on ALL kinds of pants/shorts and skirts including In The Pants and On The Waistband

You can wear this holster IN THE PANTS TOO! Just buy the opposite side draw because you will turn it around to wear inside the pants.

So, if you are right-handed and want to wear it in the pants, order the LEFT HANDED  model.


Can be used as a pocket holster with its very sleek design

Use it in your car on any metal surface. Use it on the side of your bed – place on a metal bed frame or under your desk. (do not place on a safe- magnet becomes extremely difficult to remove)

CAUTION: Magnets containing neodymium, iron, and boron can interfere with the functioning of cardiac pacemakers and cardiac defibrillators (ICDs).

  • Made in the USA.
  • Powerful Rare Earth, Neodymium magnet has100 year life.
  • Sizes available to fit most handguns.
  • Compact, body-hugging, heavy duty yet compact.
  • Comes with complete instructions for wet molding.
  • Can order in canted or cross-draw style.
  • Made of genuine high-grade cowhide leather with soft suede lining to protect your handgun.

Comes with a lifetime warranty



Draw video clip from Concealed Carry For Women Online Course. Click the clip for more info.



Draw video clip from Concealed Carry For Women Online Course. Click the clip for more info.


How to Order

1. Select Your Cant

Standard Canted: Worn on strong side hip (i.e. right-handed on the right hip)

If you wear at the small of your back, select Canted.

Cross-Draw: Worn on weak side hip (i.e. right-handed worn on the left hip – drawn across the body)

2. Select Your Draw

For In the Waistband wear: Order opposite hand

EX: Right-handed shooters would order a left-handed holster to wear inside the waistband

 ***Small of Back*** If you wear it on the small of your back, switch hands again

For example, left-handed, inside waistband, order cantedleft-handed

3. Select Your Color

4. Select your size

Small RevolverMost 38s up to 2.75″ barrels
Ex: Ruger LCR, S&W J Frame, and S&W Bodyguard .38
Medium AutoMost .380s up to 3″ Barrels: Not Highpoint
Ex: Kimber Solo, Kimber Micro .380, Ruger LCP, Ruger LCP II, Sig P238/938 (no lasers), S&W Bodyguard .380 (no laser), Springfield 911 .380/9mm
LG Auto SquareMost Square Trigger Guards 3″ – 3.6″ :
Ex: Beretta Nano, Glock 42, 43, 43X, 26, 27, Ruger EC9/380, Ruger LC9/380, S&W Shield (no laser), S&W M&P Shield 2.0, S&W M&Pc, Sig P365, Springfield XD SC, Springfield XDS 3.3, Taurus PT-111, Taurus 709/740, Walther CCP, Walther P22
LG Auto RoundMost Round Trigger Guards 3″ – 3.6″
Ex: Kimber Micro 9, Ruger SR22, Sccy CPX 2, Walther PPS
XL Auto SquareMost Square Trigger Guards up to 4.5″
Ex: Browning 1911 .380, Glock 17, 19, 23, 29, 30, 32, H&K P2000 sk, Beretta Storm w/ rails, Ruger SR9, Ruger LC9 w/ laser, Sig P250, Sig P365 XL, S&W M&P Full Size, S&W M&P Shield EZ 380, Springfield XDs w/ rails, Springfield XDM, Taurus Millenium, Walther PK380

How to Mold Your Holster to Your Gun

*Please note, once you mold your holster it is no longer eligible for return. 

  1. Open the holster as if you were going to holster your gun – run hot tap water primarily on the inside for about 10 seconds.
  2. Place your handgun ina small, lightweight, watertight plastic bag.
  3. Insert the bagged gun into the holster; using your fingers, mold the holster to the contour of your handgun.
  4. Keep the bagged handgun in the holster for 30 minutes.
  5. After 30 minutes, removed the handgun, discard the plastic bag and let the holster dry at room temperature for 8-12 hours or until completely dry.

*Do not dry with a hairdryer or oven.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.4 lbs

Standard Cant, Cross-Draw



Select a Color


Holster Size

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Reviews (65)

65 reviews for Magnetic Waistband Leather Holster

  1. Shannon

    I wear in the small of my back and am left handed. For OWB carry which option should I order?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Shannon, you would want a left-handed model for OWB carry.

  2. Libby Probandt

    Hi there, which size would fit a Ruger LCR 357 mag revolver?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Unfortunately, we do not have a size that fits the larger revolvers.

  3. Jerilynn

    Are these being closed out permanently or will they come back modified in some way?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      only select sizes will be dropped from our inventory – The discontinued sizes are noted as such when they are selected. The Regular prices holsters will continue to be offered.

  4. Yvonne Ramos

    Which size works best for a M&P SW 380 Shield EZ?

    Thank you!

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      You will want the XL Auto Square for the Shield EZ 380.

  5. Lana (verified owner)

    I love this holster! I have a .38 Special and a Glock 43X and I got one of these holsters for each firearm. Once I molded my holster to my guns which was really easy, they work great. The magnet is super strong and won’t come off of your waist when you draw your weapon. I definitely recommend this holster for anyone like me who is fuller figure and doesn’t find belts comfortable. I will add that a more sturdy waistband is needed. It didn’t work well with maxi skirts because the waistband was just a flimsy stretchable band.

  6. D

    Hi! I have a Glock 19. Would this require the XL size?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Yes, I would go with the XL. Have a nice day!

  7. Susan

    Looks like a great product. I want to order one but am not sure of the right size trigger guard for a SCCY 9mm. Would this be medium are large that I would need?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Susan,
      I believe you will want the Large Auto Round for that gun. From what I can find the specs of your gun are 3.1″ barrel so it is slightly over the Medium that fits up to 3″. To be safe I would order the large.

  8. Kristin

    This looks like a great holster option, Will it work for a Sig P365 with TLR-6? If so, which size?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Kristin, unfortunately these holsters are not big enough to accommodate the guns with under mount lasers or lights.

  9. Janet Mounce

    I’ve yet to get my CCP and am looking for a OWB holster for a S&W M&P Bodyguard .38 with Crimson Trace laser. Seems to be a difficult gun to get ANY accessories for! Will this work and what size?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Janet,
      If the laser is in the grip or behind the cylinder there should not be an issue and the Small revolver size should work. If the laser is located in a different area, please email us at for further assistance.

  10. Robert Jones

    This looks perfect for my partner. Which size do you recommend for a S&W model 60 357 revolver?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Robert, I would go with the Medium Revolver.


    I am new to CCP. I have a Sig Sauer P320. Which holster should I get with this, I’m thinking an XL??

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      yea, I would go with the XL Auto Square.


    Hi. I carry a Ruger LCR revolver, 38 SPL +P, would I need the medium or small revolver holster? Purchased one several years ago and love it!

    • Carrie Lightfoot


      For The LCR you will want the Small Revolver, thanks!

  13. Susan

    I carry a bersa thunder .380, what size holster do I need?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Susan,
      you should be good with the large auto round for the bersa thunder .380.

  14. Willow

    What size do you recommend for a Sig Sauer P938?
    Thank you.

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Willow,
      You will want the Medium Auto for the Sig P938.

  15. Lea

    Which size holster would fit a Walther PPQ M2?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      you will want the XL Auto Square holster for this gun.

  16. Jo-Anne

    I have a new Sig 365X ( X not XL) with the Romeo site. Which holster size would fit this? Thanks.

    • Warehouse

      You will want to try the Large Auto Square size. Please note, it may not be compatible with the red dot sight. It seems like it will work but we have not tested that gun/sight with this holster so cannot say for sure. Thanks!

  17. Lisa Shimeld (verified owner)

    The holster arrived quickly – thank you. Molding it to my pistol was easy. It’s comfortable to wear with any pants.

  18. Charlynn (verified owner)

    I am new to CC and tried several holsters but my son kept recommending leather for comfort. When I saw this one it was intriguing… I have the Springfield XD9 SC… The fit was tight and the holster was stiff when I initially tried it but after following the instructions to mold it to my gun I am totally in LOVE with it! I don’t wear any of my other holsters now… it is by far the most comfortable and works with just about anything I’m wearing. The retention is perfect and the trigger is completely covered and safe. Only complaint is I can’t reholster it with one hand but it’s not difficult. Thanks Carrie!!

  19. Megan

    Which size holster should I buy for my Glock 48? Thanks in advance. Very excited to purchase this!

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Megan,
      You will want to order the XL Auto Square for the G48. We hope you like it!

  20. Tammie Eilola Warring

    Hi, I have a S&W Bodygaurd 380 w/laser. Which size should I order?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Tammy,
      I think for this setup you would want the XL Auto Square- Here are the measurements of that holster – I would compare these to your gun and laser set up to make sure it will fit. If you have any other questions please email us at
      Full holster length 4 3/4″
      Width at trigger guard 4″
      Width at barrel 2 7/8″

  21. Tamie (verified owner)

    I do not wear belts, and, living in Texas, most months of the year it is too hot for me to wear jeans. So I like this design for pants with little structure. However, it is a very tight fit for my gun. Will it loosen up? I cannot get it all the way in. (I purchased the LG Square holster for Springfield XD SC.)

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Tamie,
      As long as the holster fits properly, you can mold these holsters to your gun, this may help with the tightness you are experiencing. The instructions to molding these holsters are in the description on the product page which you can get to by clicking here..

  22. Lara

    I have yet to find a comfortable holster for concealed carry, and I’m excited to try this one! What size should I get for a Glock 43X?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Lara,
      for the Glock 43X you will want the Large Auto Square – thanks!

  23. Shawna Bedford

    I have a limber micro 9mm what size do I get

    Thank you

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      For the Kimber Micro 9 you will want the Large Auto Round.

  24. Cheryl Houston

    I have a question – and I am a newbie. I just got a P238 SigSauer and I am not sure, but if there is any metal on the gun wouldn’t that interfere somehow? Just wondering. I saw all the comments and definitely want this holster! I will be taking my CCW in a month!

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Cheryl,
      The way the magnets are oriented, there is no interference with the gun and sticking to the magnet 🙂 Good luck!!

  25. Chantel

    I have a Glock 42, what size do I need?
    Do the magnets wear out over time?
    And how well does this holster work with loose fitted string type pants? (like– basketball shorts, pj pants, etc)
    Thank you

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      For the Glock 42 you will need the Medium Auto size, and no, you should not have any trouble with the magnets, they are very strong.

      As far as the pants you are asking about wearing it with – my answer to this is – with all holsters that attach to your waistband you will need a sturdy platform. You need to have a strong enough waistband that will stay put with your draw. If you are wearing loose pants with this holster (really any IWB holster that attaches to your waistline) the holster will stay attached to the clothing however, your pants will pull up with the gun and holster until it reaches resistance. Only until that resistance is met, will you be able to draw the gun from the holster. With tighter fitting pants, the resistance is met right around the waistband whereas, with a loose waistline, the resistance may be met higher on your torso which will interfere with your draw. If you prefer to wear looser-fitting pants I would suggest using a holster that does not depend on the waistband as a platform – maybe the Compression Undershorts or a belly band would be a good option?

      I hope that helps!!

  26. I have a Smith in Weston 38 air weight revolver. Which holster should I purchase

    I have a Smith in Weston 38 air weight revolver. Which holster should I purchase

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      You should be good with the Small Revolver for the .38’s. The Medium revolver is for larger frames (.357’s)

  27. DWulf

    Hi there, I am interested in this holster but do not see the S&W M&P EZ 9 mm listed. The 380 looks very comparable in size, should I go with the XL? Thanks!

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Yes, I would go with the XL Auto Square – have a nice day!

  28. Sheryl

    I want to make sure I order the right size holster for my gun. I have a Glock 19 MOS with a Trijicon red dot sight and a TLR-8 laser-light combo. Will the XL size be able to accommodate both of these?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Sheryl,
      Unfortunately, the TLR-8 is not compatible with this holster. The way the holster is sewn does not leave room for this type of laser/light. If you are looking to use this holster as an IWB we have a few different options that will work for you. You can try the Multi-Fit Holster (Click here for product info) or the Sticky Holster (Click here for product info).

  29. Paulla

    I really like the magnetic holster and would like it for my Sig P365. What size should I order?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Paulla,
      You will want to get the Large Auto Square for the P365.

  30. Betsy Smith Barney

    Will you please advise which size would fit my Walther PPQ?
    Thank you!
    PS put 4 stars because I haven’t ordered yet but will update once received.

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      You will want to buy the Large Auto Square size for the Walther CCP.

  31. Cathy

    Which size would you use for a Mossberg MC2C 9mm?
    I did not see it listed.
    Your website is great! From all the merchandise offered to you tutorial videos…

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Cathy,
      Thanks for visiting! For the Mossberg I would go with the XL Auto Square size.

  32. Angi Livermore

    This holster sounds perfect, but I have a few questions. I am left handed and I have a LCP II & a S&W Bodyguard.380. I want to be able to use the same holster for both. I want to wear IWB, but not sure if cross body will be comfortable. I am heavy set, so my belly gets in the way of any appendix style carry. 1. Which holster fits these guns, 2. Should I purchase left or right handed? Lastly, what is the Annie O holster? Thanks.

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      For either of those guns, you would use the Medium Auto size. If you are Left-handed and want to wear IWB you would order the RIGHT handed draw.
      As far as the cross-draw, you will want to be sure you can reach across your body with ease – it typically would sit around the appendix area on the opposite side you draw from. The gun will have a more canted angle with the crossdraw holster. You can see the Crossdraw HERE and the standard HERE. These images are just to give you an idea of the angle, not where you plan to wear it.
      We no longer carry the Annie-O holster and only have very limited stock, neither would fit the LCP II or bodyguard 380.
      I hope this helps!!

  33. Cindy (verified owner)

    What size holster would work well for a Smith and Wesson SD40 VE?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      I would try the XL Auto Square size for your gun!

  34. Belinda Roberts (verified owner)

    Love this holster, I can wear it with skirts shorts, sweats. I just showed it to a friend and she will be getting one soon A+++++++++

  35. gladys

    So excited to order mine, but want to make sure I get the correct size. It will be my first time carrying. What size do you recommend for the kimber evo sp tle, stock sights, no laser? Iwb, cross draw so psyched!

    • Warehouse

      I would try the Large Auto round for that gun. Enjoy!

  36. Deborah

    What size should I order for a Canik TP9 SC?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      I would go with the XL Auto Square for that gun.

  37. Melanie (verified owner)

    I’ve had a CCP for the past four years, but this is the first holster that I actually feel comfortable with and fits into/onto what I’m wearing. I have a Sig P365, and I bought two, to wear inside or outside, and just got them today. Unlike other holsters/belly bands I’ve tried, where I knew I’d be dead by the time I got the gun out, these holsters are great and you can easily draw without taking the holster with you. I followed the size recommendation that is on the website for my firearm, and no problem. Gun fits snugly, securely and more importantly, I know that I could actually get the gun out quickly, safely if I had to. This holster works on my corduroys with elastic waist band, on my jeans , suede leggings, just all around great.

  38. Chelette

    Hello. What size should I order for a Glock 48?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      For the Glock 48 I would go with the XL Auto Square.

  39. Cathryn

    Hi Carrie: What size should I order for my CZ P10S? This looks like a great option for wearing with no belt, since I never wear a belt! Also, I will be able to attach it to the metal under my desk at work.

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      for the CZ P10S I would go with the XL Auto Square.

  40. Randy

    Can you use with Hellcat OSP with Viridian E-Series laser? Want to wear IWB, draw with right hand. Which magnetic holster would fit?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Randy,
      From what I can tell, this type of later is mounted on the front of the trigger guard. If this is the case for yours, unfortunately, the magnetic holster will not work for your set up. There is just not enough room in these holsters for front mounted lasers. Sorry! You could go with a Sticky holster or we have the Multi-Fit Holster that accommodates guns with this type of laser.

  41. Julie DeYoung

    Greetings. I have a P365 SAS and would love to know which size would be best. Thanks!

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Julie,
      For the P365 you will need the Large Auto Square size. Thanks!

  42. goseemary

    What size for a Bersa Firestorm?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      You should be good with the Large Auto Round for the Firestorm .380

  43. Jen (verified owner)

    What size for my Springfield Hellcat?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Jen,
      It should be the Large Auto Square.

  44. Lynda McChesney

    Which size should I get for a Colt King Cobra 3″ barrel?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Please try the Medium Revolver for that firearm. Thank you!

  45. Barbara L Myatt (verified owner)

    I had a drawer full of holster cheap to really expensive.. not anymore. I bought the magnetic holster for my 380 and once I got it used it a week, all the others went bye bye. The best holster I have ever purchased, fits like a champ, no printing, so slim to the body and comfortable I would recommend anyOne to buy it. Also great customer service

  46. PettiJo Peralta

    Which size holster should I use for my Sig p238?
    And for my Beretta Px2 Storm?
    Thank you

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      For the Sig P238 you will want the Medium Auto size
      For the Beretta Px2 Storm you will want the XL Auto Square size.
      Thanks for shopping!

  47. Tana

    What size for a Springfield XD-40?

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      you will want the XL Auto Square for that handgun.

  48. Nancy (verified owner)

    I’m a new carrier, so not accustomed to the extra “stuff” in my waistband. But this holster made the transition from nothing to something incredibly easy! Very comfy, stays in place! Perfect fit for my S&W EZ.

  49. krthompson814 (verified owner)

    Very strong magnet allows you to wear this holster with just about any pants. Nice, low profile look and the medium auto is the perfect size for S&W M&P 380 EZ.

  50. Kathleen Gaston

    You can also wear this style inside the waistband by ordering the opposite draw. I am right handed but I purchased the left handed magnetic holster and wear it inside the waist band. It works with or without a belt on just about everything. The only problem is it’s not easy to re-holster, but I don’t normally pull my gun in public.

  51. Iris

    I love the magnet holster. I find I need to adjust it at times espectially as I ride a recumbent bike on trails and like the ability to carry the gun and be safe at the same time. I carry a Kimber .380 micro and it fits like a glove. This is my everyday holster and would not go anywhere without it I now see there are magazine holders that are magnet hum…that would be awesome.

  52. fralix.teresa (verified owner)

    I have two of these and I LOVE them !! Very secure and versatile ! It goes from my waist to purse to under my steering wheel. Easy to mold for a custom fit. I highly recommend it !

  53. Penelope

    I have a Micro Carry .380 Kimber (small firearm) & had previously ordered the “medium auto cross body” holster – it was too small. So I returned it & just received the Large auto w “square” trigger guard (know the difference, square or round, when ordering); this one fits perfectly. I wear it itw, so I ordered it left handed (although I am right) as advised in the ordering directions. Works great! I carry at work where I wear dress pants – no belt. I have the kydex holster & belly band as other options, but the kydex shifts sometimes on my flimsy polyester pants. But with these “earth” magnets, this holster is Solid – great! I work a “front desk” position in a clinic & with office/dress clothing, & will really appreciate this new option.
    Thank you TWAW staff for your great, efficient handling of returns/exchanges, & awesome pdts. I am Very satisfied. Ordering Note – even if you have a small auto, you may require the “large auto” option – who knew???

  54. vicki smith

    love love love this holster will not come lose from my pants, I hate having to put on a belt to carry my gun. at 1st I ordered the wrong size sent it back and got the right size in no time. I carry a sig p938 and I don’t even know it is there. you will not be sorry if you get this holster. I have many holsters and this is the one I use all the time.

  55. Button

    Love this holster, I have worn it with scrubs and jeans. When going to a motel that has metal frame beds, I snap it on the frame and it is close. My husband has bought one, and a truck driver friend has it so he can attach it to the metal on the seat then grab and wear it when he is out of the truck. Awesome site, I recommend it to everyone.

  56. Theresa

    After reading the reviews I ordered it, prior to molding I wanted to see how it wore, and if it would stay in place (based on 1 reviewers comments). Let me state my preferred gun is my HK P30 in .40 cal, being a full sized pistol it is not the easiest gun in the world to conceal, but it is my favorite. The holster does works as advertised. I did experience it pull loose from my pants when practice drawing, BUT what I did notice is that 1) I was wearing jeans and 2) the magnet even tho it was stuck together it was not aligned properly. When properly aligned the holster DID NOT pull loose of my pants (I haven’t tried it with any other clothing yet). So if you are experiencing the holster coming out of your pants check you magnet alignment! All that being said I am very happy with the holster, and the molding process is super easy, kudos to the reviewer that suggested using a vacuum seal bag… worked perfect!

  57. Candy

    . I received my 2 Holster’s in the mail today. I bought the Magnetic Holster and I Love it, so glad I watched Carrie’s viedo I also bought the Annie O holster Love this one also. I have finally found 2 great Holsters that Truly made for my body and very comfortable to wear. I have a Back Pack of Holster’s which I don’t need anymore. Threse 2 holsters I bought I don’t need any other holster. They are like that they where custom made for me and my Body Shape. Ladies don’t let these Holsters pass you bye. The Magenet is so strong I was kinda of leary at first, but I can honesty say the Holster doesn’t move when you draw your firearm. I would give these 2 Holsters a 10 star. Thanks Carrie for finding things that a woman needs to be comfortable and affordable for us. I Love My Well Armed Woman Chapter Mo. Hell Haith No Fury Like a Well Armed Woman.

  58. Luwana Iles

    I bought this holster for my Colt 38 Detective and it fits perfect. I fits great if I wear a belt or not although when I wear it with a belt it rides a lot closer to my body and you can not tell I am carrying.

  59. Rural & Safe

    This is the very first holster that I have bought that I love & use every day. Comfortable & easily concealed. I have had no problem drawing my weapon and no problem with it being secure. I carry a Kimber 1911 and I am pretty chubby. First time I have been able to carry that gun concealed. Love, Love, Love it!

  60. Draeb

    This Magnetic Waistband Leather Holster is one of the holsters one needs in their collection, since we all (Ladies & Men) need different style holsters for different applications. I ordered one for my Sig P238. I read someone’s suggestion on this site of using one of the food saver vacuum machines in the molding process, Sorry, can’t remember her name, but THANKS whoever you are !!!!. Awesome suggestion & it worked Great!!!
    YES, I am Man & I used a food saver vacuum machine on my own, whoa thunk ??
    This holster is great for running, along with staying in place when active, especially with light clothing.
    The Well Armed Woman Site is without question one of the best organized along with being the most informative web site out there. ROCK on Ladies & Be Safe ! ! ! !

  61. Teresa

    The perfect holster, especially for those that rarely wear a belt. Now, I can carry no matter what I am wearing. No point in owning a gun if you don’t have it when you need it. Love this holster!!!

  62. Lisa

    Man this is the BOMB! got it for my Kimber Solo. at first was very worries it was too small (this is my 1st leather holster). All I did to stretch/fit was well shove the gun in and let it sit. I am sure once I fit it using the process it will be even better.

    My gun is secure, running, answering natures call, anything and it will stay where you put it!

    Saving up to get one for my other carry.

  63. Joan

    Have one for my Kahr 40 and going to order one for my Shield 40 – love it, but I did have a friend of mine who repairs saddles put a nice Velcro strap on it, as we all know a woman when she has to use the bathroom always has to drop her pants this keeps it in place with no worries and very easy to undo. I will send a picture. I love it! I wear it with very thin stretch pants on my walks every morning never moves!

  64. Winnie

    I love mine, my Glock 23 fits perfectly. I love that I can wear this with my shorts, even though they have no belt. This holster does not move!!!!!

  65. Ronda

    I love mine!! I wear scrubs at work and it’s perfect to conceal with drawstring pants! 100% s happy with it.

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