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Introducing Jagemann TWAW Purple Glock Magazines! These awesome magazines are specially made for The Well Armed Woman and has been perfectly matched to The Well Armed Woman In The Waistband holster, On The Waistband/Convertible holster and Universal-Adjustable Magazine holster. They are currently available for the following Glock models:

Glock 42  .380 – 6 rounds

Glock 43 9mm – 6 rounds

The Jagemann/TWAW Purple polymer magazines feature increased strength over standard polymer magazines.  They are produced with the tightest tolerances ensuring a quality, high performing product. The magazines are designed with improved follower geometry and round stacking for ease of use and disassembly.

  • Ease of disassembly
  • Extended Base Pad
  • Improved follower geometry and round staking
  • Gen4 compatible
  • Optimized spring power
  • Polymer material
  • Reinforced automotive-grade engineered resin
  • Revamped feed lip geometry
  • Self-lubrication
  • Thumb Notch
  • Tighter Tolerances


Additional information

Additional information

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Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Jagemann TWAW Purple Glock Magazines

  1. Lisa Fisk (verified owner)

    The most effective way to spend time at the range is to spend time actually shooting at the range.

    The most expensive time at the range is time spent loading magazines.

    I recently acquired a pair of Glock 17s, lucky me. To build my skill sets quickly, easily, and effectively I bought 8 (yes 8) magazines.

    True, it was an initial expense, but the time saved on range time loading magazines has been more than recovered in less than three sessions at the range.

    Would I do it again? Sure would!

  2. Kelley Dorst (verified owner)

    Amazing! They really work well. I bought the G19, G17 ,G43. They all worked flawlessly!
    Most after market mags. don’t work as well as the original…but these (USA Made) do. Now I need some
    for my 42. LOVE the PURPLE!

  3. Lisa (verified owner)

    I just got 4 of these for my new EDC.
    Why 4?
    Range time is expensive and loading magazines can be slow and therefore the more magazines I have loaded before I go to the range, the better I can use my time.
    Your magazines are affordable (about half the cost of factory), look great (a bonus), and add to my efficiency.
    Thanks for making them available for purchase!

  4. Charlotte Fee

    LOVE these!
    Got 2 for my EDC to keep my personal defense ammo in, easily differentiated from my 4 range magazines, which get dirty. So instead of emptying/refilling all the time, my purple mags are always ready to go. 😀

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