FlashBang Holster

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The FLASHBANG is designed to be worn attached to the middle of the bra and tucked under the underwire of the bra.


The flashbang holster can only be returned for store credit.




  • The FLASHBANG is designed to be worn attached to the middle of the bra and tucked under the underwire of the bra.
  • The FLASHBANG holster is made out of Kydex so that the gun can easily be pulled out by lifting up the shirt and pulling down on the handle of the gun.
  • Comes with three straps of various sizes.
  • Lifetime Factory Warranty for manufacturing defects.



Draw video clip from Concealed Carry For Women Online Course. Click the clip for more info.


  • The Glock 26 & 27 are LARGER subcompact pistols and therefore, require ‘bigger bust’ to be able to conceal comfortably and properly. You will need to dress around these guns i.e. wear looser shirts etc more than the other models due to the size of these pistols. Keep that in mind.
  • The Bodyguard 38 w/ laser is NOT compatible with the Crimson Trace laser
  • Taurus J-frames, unfortunately, do not work with the Flashbang
  • Holster should be removed from your body when re-holstering.



This holster will completely cover your trigger guard. If you holster is not covering the trigger guard completely it may be on backward

Watch this video of the Flashbang creator as she demonstrates how to use it and provides instruction:

Here’s another video showing that you can wear it high or very low:

The snap can take a little finesse so here’s a trick to make sure you get it right every time:

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Reviews (53)

53 reviews for FlashBang Holster

  1. Shan

    My thoughts so far on the flash bang bra holster- a sturdy underwire bra is definitely required due to weight of the gun. my bra that is slightly too small seems to work best. Which in turn, proposes a chance of a nip slip. drawing is easy but I felt the holster had to be broken in before I could really get it. Reholstering isn’t amazing, as you have to flip the holster out from under your bra, and the way the gun goes in takes some getting used to- if you go too fast or at the wrong angle it could catch the slide… after a full sweaty day of instacart bending over- lifting- all the movements, The kydex definitely gets slippery with sweat, and some movements made it wanna flip out. However, I’m gonna see if my smaller bra makes a difference for that next time, as it will be tighter on my rib cage. Also, figuring out the right strap and doing the strap adjustments, is a bit of a pain and the snap when strapping it on your bra is a bit tricky. Otherwise, the gun is definitely secure and not gonna fall out of the holster. As long as you have it snapped right, the strap is super strong and not gonna fall off your bra. It’s comfortable to where I don’t feel it after a little bit, especially with the right bra on.. and the concealment factor is great with basically everything except for a super tight shirt

    • Carrie Lightfoot

      Hi Shan,
      Thank you for your review, it always helps when you can read about other peoples experiences. I just want to add, this holster should always be taken off in order to safely re-holster your firearm.
      Thanks again for your review!

  2. Jennifer

    I am new to conceal Carry and bought this and a belly band. Love this! I don’t even know it’s on so comfortable to my body 36c 5’4 160. This is my most comfortable carry spot and works with all of my wardrobe. It took some time figuring out which strap to use with my bras. Medium length worked best for me. Also when changing out the straps remove gun from holster and support the internal screw with your free hand while you use your screwdriver this will ensure proper alignment.

  3. Elenor

    I love this, even though I don’t actually use it as designed. I’m 5’6″, overweight, 36DD. I wore the Flashbang around the house for a while with my Kimber Micro .380 to get used to it. Comfortable, very usable, and I like it a lot. However around the same time I got the Flashbang, I also got a Nate Squared Tactical IWB — and I prefer that for everyday carry (appendix, left side). I DO use the kydex shell from my Flashbang every week. When I go to the gym to lift weights, I bring a small carry bag (about 6″x8″x1″) with my license, keys, and my ’record’ book and pen. My little Kimber slides into the Flashbang shell in the back pocket of the bag, and I am happy to know the trigger is completely covered, and the Kimber won’t get scratched by anything. IF I had not found such a great IWB, I would probably wear the Flashbang a lot; but at the moment, it’s the N8^ Tactical for me.

  4. Dana

    This holster is great. I had to adjust both the holster and my main carry bra get it to sit right, but well worth the time and effort.
    In my experience it it critical to emphasize that the gun rests entirely inside the bra cups, on the underwire shelf. I have a Ruger SP101 with a Hogue grip and it just disappears, while giving a nice little lift! Very comfortable way to carry. Sometimes may start to slip a little when reaching up or stretching but easy enough to discreetly put it back in place. I think this holster is an awesome way to leverage your assets.

  5. Kamber

    This is such an awesome concept! I have other holsters, but none conceals as well as this one! You can wear with almost ANY clothing! I also love that it comes with different length straps for any bra that I decide to wear with my outfit! So many different gun options as well! Thank you so much for shipping it so promptly and being, well AWESOME!

  6. Anisia

    When I first got this holster for my Kahr PK380 I loved it. However, after several months I decided it wasn’t right for me. The plastic against my skin makes me sweat a lot. It also stretches my bras and I cannot replace bras as often as I would need to when carrying this holster.
    Pros: hands free, easy to draw, completely covers trigger guard, fits gun like a glove, comfortable.
    Cons: gets very hot against skin and can cause it to slip, once bras stretch it can pinch you, can cause straps of bra to dig into your flesh.

  7. Ashley

    Great holster, most comfortable I have found. I am small chested, and the large snap actually bulges out beyond my busy line, which looks a little funny. I wish this had a thin button vs a bulky snap.

  8. S.G.

    This is the best cc holster IÂ’ve tried yet (and IÂ’ve tried four different kinds: the Flashbang, Thunderwear, ankle and thigh holsters). ItÂ’s fast and easy to get to my gun too! Overall I have a medium/small build, with a medium/small bust. IÂ’m 5Â’ 5” and 135 lbs with a Sig P938. I like the high carry the best cause it conceals better and I can wear super form fitted things- it’s AMAZING! Although certain angles makes the grip irritate my diaphragm. Tips: Wear a good sturdy form fitted bra. One with a padded cup, but I would not recommend a pushup bra.

  9. Bonny

    I purchased the FB for my Springfield XDS 3.3″ 9mm. I was reluctant at first because the Springfield XDS is a little heavier and larger carry pistol. I love it so far. My gun sits firmly just where it is suppose to and I can access it easily. The weight of the gun is evenly distributed flat across the bone of my chest, so it doesn’t feel like it is pulling down anything. It actually feels a little like it’s giving a little extra lift to ’the girls.’ I’ve tried it with several of my fitted, stretchy type shirts that normally print with IWB carry. The FB works much better and also works well when I wear stretchy or loose fitting pants. Unlike IWB carry, the FB does not dig into me when I sit or bend over. I have no regrets in getting this so far and have a feeling it will become my #1 way to carry.

  10. Bonny

    I purchased this for my Springfield XDS 3.3 9mm. I love it. I was worried my xds would be too heavy or big for Flashbang option, but not so. It sits just right, it’s secure, it has less printing, and it adds a great new carry option for my stretchy fitted shirts or looser fitting pants. It feels less annoying than IWB carry because it doesn’t dig into my waist when I sit or bend over. Overall, I’m very happy and feel this will become one of my favorite ways to carry.

  11. Jenn

    Thank goodness for this holster! Finally one that works well for me. I’m 5’10″ and 130lbs – 34B. I bought this holster for my Ruger LCP and it works amazing! Any other holster I’ve used shows the print of my gun through my shirt/pants. This holster on the other hand cannot be seen! I wear it on the highest level it can go, only the butt of the gun is sticking out from under my bra, but enough to get a good grip on in it quickly. I love that it’s made specifically for my gun so it doesn’t move or wiggle around in the holster even the slightest bit. In fact you have to meaningfully tug on it for it to come out, it will not just fall out of the holster out of the blue. I wear this holster with confidence and feel safe knowing I have my gun securely on me for when I need it (hopefully I won’t have to use it). Highly recommend this holster! If I of all people can conceal, so can you!

  12. Denise

    This is my go to holster. Only added one thing to make it more comfortable. We put some mole skin on the side that sets against my skin. Fixed the moisture issuers I was having. Best holster I have ever had.

  13. Sarah L.

    This does not work well for me. I’m a size 36C and have a Smith & Wesson 380. There are only 2 carrying positions, high and low for it to be comfortable for me I would need a medium carry position. It would be nice if the snap position was adjustable. Also the snap is very thick and bulges out and looks like a strange third nipple with certain shirts or when I’m carrying my purse across my body. The screw for the snap also loosens over time which could become a problem if you don’t check it often. Another issue is that the black clam shell (and snap) can be seen under light colored clothing if you are carrying low. I love the idea of this holster but it’s not everything it claims to be. It’s recommended to be used with an underwire bra but shoving up in your bra makes the underwire useless and your boobs sag out the bottom and the cups of the bra lumpy. The only reason I’m keeping it is because I haven’t found a better alternative yet and I’m going to see if I can modify it.

  14. Leah

    FINALLY!!!! The best holster ever. My husband gave this to me a few years ago for my birthday. I loved the idea right away however I could not get it to sit right. It would always fall down and then the grip of my gun would stick out. After almost 3 years of owning this holster and trying to figure it out I finally got it…TODAY!!!!! Simply turn the strap around so the excess leather on the snap is sticking up. It gets the holster further up in the bra and it doesn’t move. Wore it for a few hours and never had to touch it to shove it back into the underwire. I’ll be wearing this every time I leave the house now. No more clutching my purse like it might sprout legs and run off!

  15. Sheila Ford

    I bought this holster a few months back. Had the same problem with the small screw coming out right away. A week after I got it the screw got lost and I haven’t been able to find a replacement

  16. Suzanne

    I was really hoping this would work because I love the idea. I think for smaller caliber pistols (22’s or 380’s)it might work great. With my Glock 43, the weight of the gun pulled the bra down too much and I then had no support. My bra is a quality Vanity Fair 34 D underwire, so I didn’t think I’d have an issue. I even tried to use a sport bra over my bra holding the gun as well, but the girls were always left floating without support. Thankfully I love my TWAW IWB; it works well with just a few simple clothing modifications. (like I wear a jean vest or looser shirt). Thanks TWAW for lots of great products, information and honest reviews. I’m still considering purchasing a Glock 42 or even smaller M & P Bodyguard and giving this Flashbang another shot. (no pun intende_)

  17. Suzette

    I got one of these for a S&W Chief Special. I love the holster BUT it doesn’t work well for me. I’m not a slender woman and carry my weight in my stomach so the butt of the gun sticks out and is quite obvious. I am large breasted but the gun butt still shows. I tried tucking more of the gun into my bra but then it was uncomfortable.

  18. Karen

    I got this as a gift from my husband. I love the idea! None of my bras would work right with it, so I needed to buy new bras so that I could use it. Unfortunately, my puppy loved it too. Never really got to use it, but dog thought it was very tasty…..

  19. Brandi Eison

    My hubby bought this for me and I LOVED it……for a few months. It started falling apart; screw kept loosening, snap wouldn’t stay snapped anymore acted like it was wore out. I am very disappointed as I really liked the fit, it when it literally fell off one day at work I couldn’t wear it anymore. I am planning on buying another one though, taking the snap off completely and replacing it with industrial strength Velcro. That should hold it and I wont have to worry about the snap loosening and coming apart on me. 🙂

  20. Kathy

    I’d love to order one but it doesn’t come in my type of gun. I own a Taurus PT 22. Guess I’ll just have to carry it in my purse.

  21. phill

    Some lady just killed herself with this thing. thumbs down.

  22. Dangerous

    I read a story about a woman who fatally shot herself in the eye adjusting one of these holsters. “You will shoot your eye out kid”.http://www.people.com/article/woman-adjusting-bra-holster-shoots-self

    Anyhow, you don’t want a holster that points the barrel of your projectile weapon at your, or anyone else’s vital organs.

  23. Mike

    Just don’t shoot yourself in the eye while trying to adjust the fit. There’s a reason most traditional modes of carry leave the muzzle pointed at the floor.

  24. Natalie

    The button snap on the strap prints like crazy through the front of a shirt, making the holster easily seen in anything but the baggiest of t-shirts. This is a good concept but it just doesn’t work.

  25. Theresa

    I purchased my Flashbang a couple months ago. I could not unhook it. I watched the video over and over and still could not unhook the strap. I finally ended up using pliers to pull it down. I wanted to return it, but I was made to feel uncomfortable in doing so because, “the snap will break in.” The screw that holds the strap on keeps loosening. Everytime I use the holster it needs to be tightened. It finally feel apart one day and I lost the screw. I now tie the holster to my bra or slide it in my jeans pocket and tie it to belt loop. I DO love the holster itself and it is a great idea, but not for someone with weak hands.
    *TWAW – Theresa – we will happily replace it – give us a call 🙂

  26. Sherry

    I love my flashbang! I wear mine everyday, sometimes I even forget it’s there. Very comfortable. I just ordered the Flasbang for my new Glock 42.

  27. Sarai

    I love this holster. I am a larger woman so finding conceal options that fit comfortably and give good defense options tend to be difficult. I do recommend experimenting with different bra styles.

  28. Kaytee

    I bought this holster 5 months ago, and I have been using it just about everyday since then. I carry my Ruger lcp in it, so a very small firearm, and I am 5’5’ and have a smaller frame. Right from the start this holster has been very comfortable and when it sat in place it was VERY concealed. I did however have trouble with the holster slipping out of place and flopping out. I tried using different bras, at different levels of retention, but I still had issues with the gun flopping out. Finally after some experimenting I hit on a solution. I began taking a thin sports-bra that fastens in the back and I would put that on over the top of my holster and first bra. The extra pressure point works like a charm and holds the holster in place beautifully. I wear this holster with snug tank-tops to thin dress shirts and it conceals wonderfully, my family can never tell when I have it on! I absolutely LOVE this holster and am really happy with my purchase!

  29. Michaela Weatherman

    I bought a Sig Sauer P938 as my first carry pistol. My job requires me to wear yoga pants/shorts and workout tops every day, so carrying ITWB was not an option for me. I am 5’9″, 150lbs, and wear a 32C bra. I had some trouble adjusting it at first, but I have found for work I wear a good quality VS bra and attach my holster and firearm to that, then layer a tight sports bra on top to keep it from slipping and printing. The only part of the gun that’s not in my bra is the bottom of the handle. I did have to purchase a few looser shirts to help conceal, but that was an easy fix! This holster is worth trying-if it works it’s so easy to reach and will never fall out!

  30. Melody

    I need a flashbang for my 380 bersa thunder cc….so sad you don’t have it!

  31. Ann

    I love my Flashbang. I have a S & W 38 special and it works well. I am barely a C cup, but it tucks up under there really well. I forget most of the time, that I have it on. It is a little sweaty on hot days, but that’s the price you pay for protection. I do love the fact too that I don’t have to worry about my gun when I go to the bathrooms in stores. It stays snugly fit.If your not comfortable with it at first, don’t give up. Sometimes it takes awhile to find that perfect spot to rest it, but when you do, you will forget its there. I’m getting a S & W 380 Bodyguard for Christmas. Gonna order me another Flashbang for it too.Thanks TWAW for my Flashbang.

  32. Heather

    I hope this review is helpful. I have several holsters, but my Flashbang is my favorite, and now my go-to. I have read some reviews, and there are issues with hot conditions. Moleskins! You can get them in the foot department at the grocery/drug store. I put them to the test in the Arizona heat over the weekend. My holster didn’t budge! It was 108* there yesterday, and I was outside a lot. You can cut the moleskin however you need it, and it peels off at the end of the day.

    LOVE my Flashbang holster! 🙂

  33. Brian

    My wife LOVES IT! I have considered wearing a bra myself this thing is so cool. 🙂

  34. Sandy

    I was very hesitant to purchase this holster. Just couldn’t see it working. I was so wrong. It’s my favorite holster now. I’m 5’4″, 128lbs, C cup. I find appendix prevents me bending over. I don’t like wearing behind me (I bend over a lot with the kids and dogs, my tops just keep getting caught up on the the grip).

    I purchased this for my Kahr P380 and love it. Seriously considering getting one for my S&W M&P Shield.

  35. Krys

    I had been wanting a Flashbang for at least a year so when my husband gave me one for Christmas I was pretty excited. I am 5’ 4″ 215 lbs with a 40DD chest and carry a Shield. I had several issues. No matter how I adjusted the holster the end of it would print in a very awkward and embarrassing way. The holster would either push me out of the top of the bra because it had to be so high to conceal the grip or it would flip out the bottom at unexpected times (when I would just be walking). I could feel the holster slipping down and out while standing still. I’ve thought that some of these issues could have been made worse by the size and weight of my gun. I’m debating on whether to try it with my new Bodyguard to see if it will be different.

  36. Holly

    I’m very pleased with this holster! I am an A cup, and was unsure how well the Flashbang would work for me. As long as I am wearing a push-up bra with a wide enough strap, many of my shirts (which are not tight, but not really loose either) conceal my Glock 42. My gun does not print at all, and it really stays put as I move around throughout the day. It’s a great option when I can’t wear IWB. I was also pleasantly surprised to find how quickly a draw from this holster is. Really happy with this holster and highly recommend it.

  37. Raierra

    I don’t like it. I tried to get comfortable with it for several weeks and it just didn’t happen. I’m a 38D carrying a Bodyguard 380. Check out the Marilyn, it’s much more comfortable and you’re not limited to wearing baggy tops.

  38. Mom b

    D o not order from this place
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  39. Mom B

    Do not buy anything from this company
    They take your money and do not send the product
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  40. Kaela

    I have to admit I was really skeptical about this holster. Throughout my research it seemed as though there was no carrying option for a woman who wears tight fitting clothing. I wear a 38D Bra and this works perfectly for me. I angled the strap a bit so I can tuck it under my breast comfortably. It isn’t even noticeable under the tightest of clothing and I am so happy I didn’t have to alter my wardrobe or style of dress in order to carry. I’m a very happy camper.

  41. Angie

    I have a Taurus slim 709 9mm pistol. I love the concept of this holster. I’d like to get a smaller gun to use it with. I love the fact that it gives me concealed carry options when I have no other options. I am a size 38E and I find that I don’t have room for the gun in my bra. I am fairly certain that picking out bras with this hostler in mind is a good thing. Also, I’d rather carry on my waist personally. If you take the time to fiddle with this holster, it can be fun.

  42. Beverly

    I purchased my Flashbang for my J frame 357 while at a local gun show. I have refused to carry on my body before because of the way a holster fit, or the fact that some holsters would give me the feeling of pulling my pants down on the carry side. This snap on Bra Holster is the BEST thing out there!i. This is so comfortable, and easy to access. Any size bust can accommodate this if properly positioned. Try it before you turn it down! It’s worth it’s weight in gold! Remember ladies..anyone can take your purse with your gun in it, but no-one is going to run off with your chest. Stay confident! Stay armed! Stay safe!

  43. Pam

    I purchased the flashbang and it simply does NOT work for me. I am a small framed, size 34B – my Ruger LCP just does not feel secure, the snap of the holster prints thru shirts – even loose tees. Fitted shirts and summer shirts are out of the question when wearing this thing. Plus when you sweat (as in hot flashes) or summer weather – your gun gets wet.
    I feel like the flashbang will only work for women that are well enhanced, and/wear VERY loose tops all the time, and live in a cold climate, AND aren’t prone to hot flashes.
    I have found the IWB holster and ankle holster work best for a woman built like myself. It’s really tough to find the right holster. Good luck ladies.

  44. joey

    I have had my flash bang for a little over a year now. I am an older woman with a few extra tubes under the bra and I love this holster. I wear it out on wogs(walk/jog). heck its on me when I dress in the am and on when I undress at night. It does not move at all with my movements even doing Yoga. I have never been detected as wearing, with any outfit from t shirts to office attire. I do however need to try the Marilyn as I wear a lot of buttoned tucked in blouses. Just have to say this is my number one carry as I like to carry concealed on the body and I say you can not beat this one!!!?I buy cheap walmart bras with a small hole in the middle or I put a whole in it and I place the snap there tucking the gun well under my breasts

  45. Melissa

    I’ve been using this holster for months and I love it. The most important thing is a proper bra fit. The bra needs to have a secure center to support the holster and can’t be too stretchy or the holster will flip out or shift. I found an inexpensive bra at target that works perfectly and bought a few so I don’t ever need to readjust the straps on the holster. I have also found keeping the strap adjusted in the “high carry” position keeps the gun most secure even though it’s a little harder to draw with a good grip that way. This holster keeps your gun concealed in all but the tightest fitting baby doll tees. The only draw back is that things can get a little sweaty on hot days. I’m planning on attaching a layer of moleskin on the holster to combat this.

  46. Becky

    I love my flash bang. I carry a Colt Mustang and it is very comfortable and my favorite way to carry!!!!

  47. Nancy

    This holster takes a little up front (no pun intended!) work to get used to, but it is well worth it. It takes a sturdy bra. I found I had such stretchy bras–even underwire–I had to get a new one. The good news is that my friends and I have found that inexpensive bras seem to work best. I wore this for a 2-3 hour period on a 90+ degree day and it did get sweaty against my skin–my LC9 stayed dry though. I wore it for 5 hours in 70 degree temps yesterday and it was great. This holster (I am a D cup) enables me to wear most of my regular shirts, which are otherwise too close to the body to wear with a regular IWB CC holster. You DO need to practice your draw, but it is really fast and I like it. Watching the videos posted here were very helpful and should answer all your questions.

  48. Shiphranita

    I only wore it once. I am a 200# woman, size DD, and when I slip it under the bra as shown in the photos, the grip of my Beretta Tomcat sticks forward and easily shows, and it won’t stay tucked under the bra band anyway. When I took the holster off, it was only then I realized that when I inserted the gun into the FlashBang, it caught the safety and flipped it to off. I carry with a round in the chamber, and felt very unsafe with this holster.

  49. Kim

    I got one of these at a gun show, glad to see it here! It’s an AWESOME product!

  50. Tracy

    I have a Glock 26 and my bra size is “D”. I bought this but found it to be very uncomfortable. I found I kept having to push it up and under all the time. It wouldn’t stay in place. I tried adjusting it but nothing helped. I don’t even use it any more. It just wasn’t comfortable to me at all. Now it just sits on a shelf.

  51. Babette

    my very favorite…..

  52. Tabeetha

    Thank you soooooooooo much!!!!!! I found the correct placement and I don’t really notice its there!!!!!! Again thanks a million. I can now conceal comfortably!!!!!!!!

  53. shelli

    LOVE my FLASH BANG !!  I wear a lot of scrubs/elastic waist bands and have struggled or not carried because of the discomfort and poor concealment…  Enter FLASHBANG -  solved.. wow!!  Love the instructional videos, made the whole thing effortless and easy… LOVE YOU! LOVE THE SITE!
    and THANKS!

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