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One of the most popular concealed carry purses we carry. It’s a great size with enough room for your firearm and your essentials without the agony of carrying a large, heavy bag. It offers the optimal crossbody style carry and comes in 3 popular and wardrobe-friendly colors.

Authentic Gun Toten Mamas

Fits Gun Size/s: Revolver up to 1911/Commander

  • Allows user to choose between a zippered horizontal or zippered vertical
  • Sleek urban styling to carry light and concealed!
  • Designed for right or left handed use
  • SLASH RESISTANT Shoulder Strap
    • Can be worn cross-body
    • Removable and Adjustable
    • Easily clips on and off
    • Wire reinforced
  • Can be worn under jackets for security
  • Tumbled and uncoated full grain leather
    • Will become butter soft within weeks of use yet so durable
    • Leather outside zipper pulls
  • Includes Holster
  • Lays flat against the body
  • Outside front vertical zippered pocket
  • Outside top Velcro pocket for cell phone
  • Front zippered compartment holds daily necessities
    • Holds pens, cards, etc.
    • 3 inside open pockets
    • Removable key ring
  • Woman or Man Bag
  • Overall bag size: 7-1/2″ wide x 9-1/4″ tall x 2-1/4″ deep
  • Back zippered compartment size: 7″ wide x 8-1/2″ tall
    • Zipper opening: opens on all three sides
  • Left and right-handed use

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Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
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Reviews (23)

23 reviews for Crossbody Shoulder Bag

  1. Sabrina Brown

    I have had this particular purse for several years now. I started noticing that with as soft as the leather has become I’ve been having issues getting to the compartment easily. I was reading other reviews and someone commented on the video, I just went and watched it and I think that I’ll be able to access my pistol easier now (I always wondered what those nylon straps were for!).
    As I said, I have had this for several years, I can shorten the strap and wear it in front of me when riding my motorcycle and with the slim size, I am able to tuck it next to my seat when driving also. I like that I can use it in different modes of travel. And the best part is that no one knows that it’s anything other than a purse unless I tell them. Places where carrying on your hip is a bit to conspicuous (even concealed) the purse is nice. I am also on the small size (5’3″) and carrying on body has always been difficult for me so I use this purse constantly.
    There are a couple things I might change about this, a narrower strap would be nice, sometimes it gets twisted when it’s under my coat and that’s uncomfortable. The main compartment has a mesh strap for some reason – all it does for me is catches my medication bottle and my small wallet – that could be done away with. Unfortunately I lost my key ring this year but that is a nice attribute of this purse.
    I highly recommend this purse for anyone that needs something other than on body carry.

  2. Theresa Schick (verified owner)

    This is probably the nicest and most quality made purse I have ever had, and I’m truly impressed. The soft leather, strong stitching, and sturdy zippers and strap are lovely. The crossbody style allows me to securely carry my shield and even my full size Glock 17 with zero problems, and it doesn’t scream “I have a gun in my purse” to the casual eye. Now I need the black and red ones, too.

  3. Therese Bradley (verified owner)

    Just received my cross over bag. Really nice tan color. I have an Apple phone that can slide in the top velcro area; unfortunately, it hangs out too much. So that area is going to be for something else I don’t need to get too often. My small pocket bifold wallet that holds my license, cash, a couple other cards fits nicely in the main compartment. Pretty much what everyone else has said is pretty much spot on. My downside is the strap is a wee bit too thick and bulky but is very sturdy. The velcro gun area is great! I need to unload and practice that quick draw. I’ll come back and update. I would recommend for a cross-over gun bag. Very well made for sure!

  4. Lita Sciturro-Smith (verified owner)

    This bag is amazing! Other than the small velcro pocket being too small for a phone, which may not have been what it was intended for, its perfect, I can put other things in there. Perfect size for my CC firearm and most all of my firearms that I occasionally carry, some are fairly large. High quality bag. I purchased this based on the reviews and I am very happy. TWAW is an excellent company and thank you for all that you do!!

  5. Lee

    I have had my black purse for more than 2 years and it works great! Some days my hips hurt too much to carry my full size semi auto IWB, so my purse keeps me safe on those days. Its held up to snow on the bottom, carrying a lot of my stuff, an extra mag, and the reinforced strap has never frayed. The a strap is still in good condition. It is still secure to the purse unlike others I’ve had that wear out before the purse. When this one wears out I will buy another just like it. It also allows for a quick draw and no one notices its a gun purse. I love this purse!

  6. Carol – Arizona Cowgirl

    I bought this purse in May of 2016 and love it. I’m a full time Realtor and I use it every day. After 2 1/2 years, it’s still in wonderful shape. I have a Galaxy 9+ cell phone and it fits perfectly in the back pocket behind the zippered gun compartment. My Sig P320 9 Compact fits easy along with an extra mag that holds 15. My cash stash is easily accessed in the outside Velcro pocket. Inside front zippered compartment stores pens, lipstick, keys in the main area and an additional zippered pocket stores my all my credit cards, med cards, etc. Outside front vertical zippered pocket holds my business cards, stamps, etc. The best and most important part about this purse is the draw – watch the video. You can access the gun compartment by a little string that hangs outside or by leaving the zippers a little open in one corner. The zippers are heavy-duty and work wonderful. With a little practice with your gun (unloaded) it’s a breeze. Best CCW purse on the market!

  7. Georgia

    Just picked this up today after falling in love with this site!! It’s perfect for me. Holds what I need (I’m not a purse person) and holds my firearm securely. Love that it works for lefties or righties!! Loved that a retailer in my are sells your amazing products!!! I carry concealed most times, but do like to use a bag from time to time

  8. deborah sanders (verified owner)

    I just received this cross body cc purse in black. It conceals my Taurus .38 special perfectly. the paddng is excellent, it’s a perfect mid size purse for every day even without carrying. high quality leather and workmanship. I also have a bigger tooled cowhide purse; love them both. fyi, my smaller than an iPhone cell fits nicely in the slot.

  9. Annie

    Overall, I love it! The negatives: cell phone holder is good for pepper spray or lipstick but too small for a phone as others have said. The strap is a bit thick and prone to occasionally twisting at times, but the cross body feature makes me feel secure so I’m willing to put up with it. The bag holds only the essentials. The positives: the leather purse is soft as butter. The zippers are super sturdy and the whole bag is very well made. Nothing cheap about it. I’m used to carrying a hobo bag, and so now with this bag I’ve never been so organized what with all the compartments. I’m not searching for stuff at the bottom of the bag any longer. Everything is in it’s place. Fits a Glock 43 and 19 nicely.

  10. Colleen D.

    I bought the cross-body purse to carry a full-size 1911 45 cal. with a 4″ barrel.It is a snug fit, but it is perfect!I can carry all of the basic essentials every woman needs along with an extra magazine. I can access my handgun easily and carry it discreetly.As a retired law enforcement officer having that fluid motion to accessing my firearm was vital.I had to replace the inner holster which was not adjustable with one that was because it was a sloppy fit, but that was easy and not expensive. I would recommend this purse without hesitation!

  11. Barbara

    I live in Florida and ordered my purse last Tuesday. It arrived this morning, Saturday. Great service! The tan color is a beautiful shade and the quality is outstanding. The leather is butter soft already. The included holster had a ’Made in China’ sticker on it. I might look into getting a Mernickle holster. It made me wonder where the bag is made, but I couldn’t find that information anywhere. I have a Glock 19 gen 4 and it fits nicely. As soon as my CCWP arrives, I’ll be using this purse every day.

  12. Krista

    I got this purse in red (other colors were back ordered). It’s a pretty red. I love the handbag. My phone doesn’t fit, but I keep chap stick, car fob and a tiny bottle of hand sanitizer in this pocket. My Glock 43 fits nicely in the hoster. I plan to order it in black.

  13. Rebecca

    I bought this purse I like the design and I can get everything in it that I normaly carry. The only improvement would be to make the strap narrow about half the width Iit rubs my neck and make it sore.

  14. Ginger

    I have been using this carry bag for more than a year and LOVE IT! For me, the cell phone holder works great (I have a Samsung S3). Would not work with a Note though. Front pocket has a zipper on one side where I keep lipstick, chapstick and such; middle zippered area is where I carry checkbook, keys, wallet and glasses and knife; back zippered zips all the way around for great access from either side for my firearm. Have used it to carry a Bersa Thunder as well as Ruger 9. Glock 26 fits, but I leave my full checkbook at home when I carry it. Just wish it also came in white or light tan.

  15. Doris

    I really like the size of this bag. The holster is very nice and stiff, so it is easy to get the gun in and out. I do not like the key fob that snaps on the inner compartment. It comes loose easily and is hard to snap back on. Otherwise I love this bag. I think one could use a couple of small carabiners to attach the bag to belt loops as Maggie mentioned. This is definitely a minimalist purse, but I’m used to small purses, and was disappointed to think I had to start carrying quite large purses to fit my 3″ barrel SP101. This purse solves that problem. : )

  16. Maggie

    Love this purse and I usually don’t carry smaller purses.

    I do wish that the clips were on the bag itself and not the shoulder strap. That would give us the option of clipping bag to our belt loops on occasion.

  17. Tessa

    Bought in tan and now will order in black. Looks so normal and makes me feel so secure. The cellphone pocket is too. Small for smart phones but perfect for lipstick! All else works fine. Maybe I’ll get it in red too…when I find a bag that works, I stick with them!

  18. Carol

    Great every day bag. Cell phone pocket great fot lipstick. Front pocket for cellphone. Back pocket for mini iPad or Kindle. Inside
    pocket for pens, wallet, etc. and of course there’s the gun pocket. Good quality. And it looks so normal!

  19. Amber

    The cell phone pocket is too small for my current phone, but works well as a quick place to stash my keys. I love the carry compartment but wish the purse had just one more pocket. It was a big adjustment to go from my maxpedition bag to this little purse. I do love that it doesn’t look like a “gun purse” and people can’t believe the size of firearm I can fit in there. Great for general out and about or at events because of the size. An important part of my arsenal.

  20. Carol

    A very well made, functional cc bag. Not too heavy, even with my firearm. Quick access to the firearm. I love that I can draw from the top quickly. There is room for an extra magazine or two I believe. The cell phone holder holds my phone but wouldn’t hold a phablet. But there it room in the front zipper or purse compartment. It also has a key ring which attaches inside the purse compartment. The purse is organized but not large, so if you carry a makeup bag and assundries leave them at home or in your car. Highly recommended.

  21. Heather

    I recently ordered this purse and I love it! The main compartment has plenty of room for all my stuff and the gun compartment is very well constructed. The Velcro inside the gun pocket is much stronger than I expected it to be so once you place the holster in the desired position it will not slip out of place. My favorite part of this purse is the locking zipper. The CCW purse that I bought before I found this one (It was from a company that focused more on style than safety.) had a zipper that opened while I was walking out of a store and the handle of my firearm was clearly visible to others. I also like to carry cross-body and this purse has a soft strap which is ideal for this type of carry. Over all I am pleased with this purse and I would highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t carry on their body every day.

  22. Ginger Watkin

    Love this bag! Cell phone pocket fits my My-touch phone with no problem. In addition to my cell, I carry my Ruger LC9 w/spare magazine, checkbook,pen, wallet w/CCW, license, a few credit cards and cash, lipstick, eye drops and keys. What more could a well-armed woman need? Oh and I took it with me to verify fit when considering my purchase of a Glock 26. FITS!

  23. Kari

    Love the purse; it’s very functional and easy to use. It looks like any normal purse with good quality leather. I love the ability to rip it open, it can be nearly as fast a draw as on body carry with practice. The only drawbacks? The red is much brighter than pictured, although it’s not terrible and I’ll use it, and the cell phone pocket is too small for any of the cell phones I have access to. I’m not sure what I’ll use that for.

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