Concealment Leggings – Cropped length

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Perhaps the most attractive concealed carry option available! Stylish design, made of the same fabric as the most popular brand, two holsters for front or rear carry, the most comfortable concealment solution for everyday wear!



Inseam length: Inseam Length – 21 Inches

These stylish and comfortable leggings are made of the same material and feature the same fit as the most popular leggings brand available. The ORIGINAL CONCEALMENT LEGGINGS features two holsters, one in the back for a traditional “kidney” position and the other in the front for a traditional “appendix” position. This allows you to choose which is most comfortable and concealable based on your particular activity and clothing. Both holsters feature a patent-pending retention strap that helps secure your handgun yet makes it readily available in case you need it. The same holster pocket will also securely hold and carry your mobile phone.

Available in mid-calf length, the ORIGINAL CONCEALMENT LEGGINGS can be worn casually for shopping, walking the dog, hiking, working out or dress them up with boots for a night out with friends.

  • Due to the nature of this product, it is non-returnable, please contact us for exchange information.



Waist – Your natural waist is the smallest point between your bottom ribs and hip bones. This is usually just above your bellybutton. To measure, relax your stomach and lie the tape measure flat around your waist, allowing for ¼ inch of slack. This is the most important measurement for determining your shorts and/or leggings size.

For shorts and leggings, the most important measurement in determining your size is your true waist measurement. The item should fit snuggly on your natural waist to properly support the weight of your weapon. Once you’ve determined your waist size, you’ll need to measure your hips at their widest point. If your hip measurement is less than 10 inches greater than your waist measurement, you would order the size that corresponds to your waist measurement. If your hip measurement is greater than 10 inches above your waist measurement, then order the next size up. For example, if you have a 30-inch waist and 39-inch hips you would wear size Small. If you have a have a 30-inch waist and 42-inch hips, you would wear size medium.

Something else to consider in choosing the correct size is how you prefer your clothing to fit. We’ve tested our clothing on a variety of people of all shapes and sizes. We find that many can wear a couple of different sizes and still be happy with the fit. If you really cant stand wearing anything tight, then order the next size up. Your weapon may wiggle a bit when you move, but the retention strap will keep it secured in the holster. If you prefer the fit of a compression garment that really holds you in, then order a size down. If you want the garment to fit as it was designed, then order based on your measurements and our size chart. The crop leggings feature a 21″ inseam.


Size Range Waist Hip
XS 0-2 23-25 33-35
S 4-6 26-28 36-38
M 8-10 28-30 38-40
L 12-14 31-33 41-43
XL 16 33-35 43-45
2XL 18 36-38 46-48
3XL 20 40-42 48-52


Reviews (14)

14 reviews for Concealment Leggings – Cropped length

  1. Heather Guck (verified owner)

    Best concealed leggings ever!! Just hiked Longs Peak while carrying! So comfortable. Order down a size.

  2. Laurel DeVarney (verified owner)

    I was absolutely thrilled to get these leggings. They were beyond my expectations and are a great addition to my concealed carry wardrobe when out hiking. I am going to order another pair. The fabric is substantial; thick, high-quality, and well designed. I would recommend getting a size down if you’re in between sizes because you want them to fit as snug as you can so that your pistol is held tightly against your body when active. The holster tab is mostly designed for a larger gun–I carry a S&W .38 special on the trail and it fits perfectly in the holster without any concern so it’s not needed. Haven’t tried it with my ‘bear gun’ but expect the tab to be just right. I gave my husband a hug while wearing it and he couldn’t feel it under my clothes! I highly recommend these leggings for the active lady. Definitely five star.

  3. Tracie

    Love the fit and feel. I did order a size up based on reviews, but realize my actual size would’ve been better. I carry XDs and notice that because I went bigger, the gun does not sit snug against my body. I also have a concern over the retention strap because it depresses the safety on my XDS. Still, happy with these leggings! Will definitely order more.

  4. Kirsty

    Love those leggings! Although I wasn’t quite sure at first, after receiving them and wearing them for a run I will probably order a second pair for my 15-year old daughter.
    Hope everybody stays safe,
    xx Kirsty

  5. Amber

    These are amazing. As a chronic legging-wearer I was worried about continuing with my legging obsession after becoming a concealed carrier. These solve most of those problems in an incredibly comfortable way and I’ll be ordering more as I replace my existing leggings. I’m 5’7″ 140# (with a bit of a bubble butt…) and ordered the small and they fit great. I carry a Glock 19 (if I need 7 rounds I might just need 15, you know?) which ends up being hard to completely conceal on my athletic frame. With these I just have to wear a loose fitting jacket or hoodie to conceal it completely as holster part is located almost right on your waist (front or back). There is a strap that holds the firearm in the pocket. My G19 is almost too large for the pocket, but does still fit. Due to the size I lose time on my draw removing the strap, but I think this issue can be mostly remedied with some practice. I highly recommend.

  6. Renee

    I’m a Personal Trainer and Run Several Early Morning Boot Camps During the Week! It’s hard carrying a Sig with fitness clothes, but these leggings are perfect! I own two pair and I wear them even when I’m not carrying! Super Comfortable! I’m 5’7 and 135lbs. The Size Small Fits perfectly! I’m now ordering two more pair in full length for the cooler weather!

  7. Kim

    I was hesitant to order because I am a large woman and I wasn’t sure the 3x was going to fit! I am glad I took the chance I put my Ruger LCP in the front holster and my Bersa Thunder 380 in the back holster and the leggings didn’t sag or make it feel like there was a danger they would slide down. The leggings fit and look good. I will definitely be putting them on my Christmas wish list. During the summer I usually carry in cargo shorts but hadn’t really found a convenient way to easily carry in the I have! Thank you!!!

  8. Kandi Nelson

    I did purchase the leggings. For me I did get a medium I love them. However two things happened, 1. The medium is really small- I should have gotten an XXL. The medium is really tight! But it’s hard to determine what size to get. 2. When I put leggings in the wash, one of the holes on the right side came unraveled. I will be taking it to Li’ Li’s and she will take care of it.

  9. Maylin Martinez

    I got a holster for my Smtith & Wesson M&P. I order a fruit punch and pink and gave to say, it took longer than 5 weeks, but I love it. I’m 5’3 and curvy (Cuban body. First holster I really love. Feels amazing. Will order one for my Kinver solo. Looks and feel awesome

  10. Emy

    Great quality and feel to these leggings. I have a hammerless Ruger LCR so the retention strap does not work for me but my gun fits so snugly in the built in holster that it doesn’t matter, it’s not coming out till I pull it out. It’s also very smooth to draw from. The first day I got these I wore them around the house cleaning to get a feel for every position you might move into, very comfortable the whole time and I didn’t feel like I was carrying a gunny all. Highly recommended!

  11. Diane

    Trust me… you’re gonna want more than one pair.

  12. Evelyn

    I have ordered numerous pairs due to thickness of knit, fit and fact they hold my gun snug with having to adjust often. Slot for extra magazine and a key pocket in front. Everything you need and great look for any age (67).

  13. M. Leader

    I love these leggings! They have a wide waistband that makes it very comfortable to carry while running in either holster position. I am ordering another pair.

  14. Frances

    Just received these today. They are so comfortable! Can’t wait to wear them on a run.

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