Concealed Carry Thigh Holster Compression Shorts

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These shorts give you the freedom to wear skirts and dresses while still being able to conceal.

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These Concealed Carry Thigh Holster Shorts are functional and comfortable. Made of soft material that also delivers medium weight compression which shapes and supports. These shorts give you the freedom to wear skirts and dresses while still being able to conceal.

  • Bonus outer-thigh pockets for magazines or credit cards, cash, ID, even cell phone
  • Holster includes retention strap for safety and security
  • Works best with smaller guns; Glock 43, S&W Shield, J-Frame Revolver, etc.
  • Four-way stretch fabric offers maximum stretch for a wide range of motion.
  • Available in Black: Gun holster on the inside of left leg only.


Sizing Waist Size
S 28-32


  • 76% Nylon 24% Spandex
  • Medium weight compression
  • Machine wash, air dry
Additional information

Additional information

Weight .75 lbs

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Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Concealed Carry Thigh Holster Compression Shorts

  1. Wendy (verified owner)

    I ordered this in Nude as a backup to a different type of conceal “shorts” previously purchased from TWAW. The first pair I had I could *live in,* they are so comfortable. This pair… when I first received my order, I was worried because the shorts were too tight — even though I ordered the correct size based on measurements. Upon the next few outings, however, I am comfortable wearing the shorts. They aren’t quite as comfortable as the previous brand/version, but I like them nonetheless. I definitely will purchase another pair — and soon. They are comfortable, not overly warm in hot weather (I wear them all the time, and it’s been in the 90s where I live this summer)..

    Word to the wise: these compression-style shorts are good for under long dresses and skirts. The velcro retention strip can rub on the other thigh and make some noise if you are in very quiet location — you might want to walk carefully. Noisy areas aren’t an issue. I really do like that the retention strip is on the outside of these (compared with the inside retention strip of another brand, which I always worried might get stuck in my gun’s trigger….).

  2. Christy Wilke

    I like this for longer dresses but if your dress comes just above your knee and you reach “up” for something you knickers will show.

  3. Faye G (verified owner)

    I just bought this and am wearing it for the first time today. I was concerned at first if I would even be able to fit my gun in it. I have a Springfield XDS with a Crimson Trace Laser on it. It is a little snug but it works! It does not trigger the laser. Which would be odd walking around with a red light shooting out of my crotch! The other concern I had was how is this going to fit between my legs for walking and sitting? To give some background: I like to wear dresses and have the pistol pouch holster which is ok but not great. The pistol pouch was sometimes making it look like I had male parts sticking out from between my legs when I would walk and when I sat you had to arrange it so it also didn’t look like I was a guy with a crotch problem. Back to this holster. First time trying it on this morning I did as I would always recommend for any new holster I unloaded my gun and tried it around the house this morning while getting ready. After about an hour, I then loaded the gun and was concerned that with my slightly extended magazine that there may be an issue but it was fine. That brings us to now. I am sitting at my desk having been here a couple hours seated not to mention the 30 min commute seated in a car, and all is VERY well. I think I found my favorite holster for dresses!! I did want to mention also while driving it does not get in the way. With other holsters it can sometimes be difficult to use the seat belt properly but not with these.

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