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Breathable Belly Band 4″ by The Well Armed Woman

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A great option in one of our favorite holsters. Now available in a softer, breathable fabric.



The woman’s belly band holster is one of the best and most versatile holster options for women and  is exactly what we need to effectively carry our firearms with the variety of clothing styles we wear.

Women have shorter waists than men, so the typical 5″ or wider belly band can be cumbersome and uncomfortable.  The New Breathable Belly Band by The Well Armed Woman has a 4″ width and is made from top quality breathable comfortable elastic great for warmer weather.  It features 2 holsters with pockets for spare magazines or other items and comes with removable retention straps. Universal, fits most all Firearm models and Latex free.

Because of the softness and breath-ability of this holster, to prevent ‘fraying’  keep the ‘hook’ of the velcro only on the ‘loop’ section.


Sizing tip: Measure where you think you’ll want to wear the band. For example, if you have fabulous curves, the size that fits your waist may not fit your hips.

***XS has only 1 holster

Available Sizes

Size Measurements
X-Small 18″ – 24″
Small 26″ – 31″
Medium 32″ – 36″
Large 36″ – 43″
X-Large 41″ – 47″
2X-Large 46″ – 53″
3X-Large 52″ – 57″
4X-Large 57″ – 60″
5X-Large 60″ – 65″



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Additional information

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Reviews (21)

21 reviews for Breathable Belly Band 4″ by The Well Armed Woman

  1. Ashley Renz

    This belly band is amazing! It’s very comfortable to wear and easily conceals my weapon. I’m 5’5″ and 105lbs, I ordered a small and I actually could have gone with an XS. I’ve never been able to find something that hides my weapon but this is perfect!

  2. Denise in Las Vegas

    I love this holster and use it for every day wear. I prefer this to the belt or in your pants holsters because I don’t like my pants being pulled down. I wear it above my waist, right under my bra and the girls disguise the gun perfectly.

    The only downside is that with every day wear, the fabric has pilled. It has served me well though, perhaps I just need to get a new one!

  3. Jan

    I love the belly band! It is so comfortable that I forget I am carrying! However, my measurement was exactly between size M and L, so I ordered L. It’s a bit too large and tends to be loose, so I am going to order a M, which I think will fit more securely. I also sewed the bottom of the magazine holder pockets so they won’t slip through and fall out the bottom of the band.

  4. Jessica

    This holster is the best solution I’ve found to concealing during this hot Florida summer with high humidity and heat index in the 100’s everyday. The sizing is accurate but I am glad that I measured before ordering as the size that I would have guessed probably wouldn’t have worked since there isn’t a whole lot of room for adjustment.

    I wear it above the waist and it conceals perfectly. Unfortunately I can’t wear it without having a tank top underneath as I get skin irritation where the holsters touch my skin so it makes it less cool but still manageable.

  5. Elizabeth

    Most comfortable holster I’ve found. I forget I’m wearing it. The only issue I have found is that my sites are cutting the edge of the band when I remove my firearm. I’ve learned to pull out the holster so that it pulls away from sites and then remove my firearm.

  6. SUNNY

    I live in Florida and we live in very light pants so the belly band is great, the regular holsters pull our pants down. My only problem is that is I don’t wear a camisole under the belly band the edges of the Velcro will scratch my skin and become uncomfortable, especially when sitting. I have added small moleskin strips on the underside of the Velcro for when I am not wearing the camisole underneath.

  7. JD Cralley

    I liked the “idea” of this holster, but it did not work well for me. I am short and a bit plump and I found it too wide for my frame. My main problem was my LC9 tilted out at the top causing really bad printing. It was also scratchy around the Velcro areas. I returned it and got the Pistol Wear Under Arm holster which I really LOVE!

  8. Cindy G.

    Seems like, after trying on this new purchase, this would be comfortable to wear, but doesn’t work well for my .38 J-frame revolver. Too heavy – it tips outward (eliminating the whole purpose of “concealed” belly band) and the grip hangs too far over the pocket/holster…Told my husband that means that I need another new, lighter pistol. 🙂

  9. Renee

    I was disappointed with this belly band holster. The Velcro catches on my cloths and is very hard to pull apart to take off.

  10. Edie

    I purchased this product in hopes it would be more comfortable than the 5 inch belly band I had bought a couple months ago. And I absolutely LOVE it. Not only is it more comfortable but I am more confident in carrying my Ruger SR9C. I will be ordering another one so I never have to be uncomfortable while carrying or concerned my gun is not well concealed. And if it stretches out I will just buy another one, I’m that happy with it. Thanks TWAW for such a great product.

  11. Karen W.

    Received my new breathable belly band a few weeks ago. Have worn it several times. It is light and comfortable and easily holds my Glock 43. My pistol was secure and no one could tell I was carrying. I am bigger in the hips so it tends to roll up a little, but that is not a fault of the band. In my opinion, two additions to this belly band would make it a 5 star. 1) the magazine pockets should be sewn shut on one end so that magazines won’t fall through 2) Add another pocket to hold a carry license. This would be great for those times when you are not carrying a wallet or purse.

  12. Angela F.

    I just got my belly band holster and I love it. I have a bad hip, so traditional holsters have been pretty painful. This took all the pressure of my hip by evenly distributing the weight of my gun. My Ruger P95 fits wonderfully, as does the Springfield XD .45 that belongs to my boyfriend. I highly recommend this holster!

  13. Bryn Ray

    I ordered the 4 inch belly band holster because the regular holsters I tried pulled my pants down. I hesitated over the size, often when I order by measurement things are to small, but I went by the guidelines and to my suprize it’s actually loose! It is SO comfortable, and I don’t feel silly with this holster, like it’s going to fall out!I plan to order a smaller size to wear higher up. A holster like this encourages me to carry regularly because it’s so comfortable!

  14. Katt

    Would be nice if there were a sizing chart. Or a link to one if you you have it on your site already. Another feature would be a pic on what this holster looks like while wearing it.

  15. Janet McClung

    This is a fairly nice holster. I have had it about 4 months… I’ve only been wearing it for about 2 months. It fits good and I feel the gun is secure to my side. However, I really don’t expect it to last long. In wearing it about 4 days a week for only two months the velcro is already fraying the fabric pretty bad. It is very “shaggy” now. I have resorted to carrying in my purse until I receive a different holster which I am purchasing now and will use this band only occasionally.

  16. Jennifer

    Finely found a holster small enough to fit me. Had to get an x-small but I love it. Actually wear it right under bust because its the only place where I can conceal it. And it’soft and comfortable too.

  17. Jen N.

    The only reason I am not giving this a perfect rating is because the extra small has only ONE POUCH. I put that in caps because I did not see it anywhere in the description. I’m really disappointed in that, especially since I assumed it would be just like the small belly band. Just to be clear, the small belly band does have two gun pouches, but the extra small only has one gun pouch. That may not matter to you, but I think it would be a good thing to mention in the description.
    I do wish there was an extender available so that you would not have to buy two sizes to wear on your hips and your torso. Technically, you can just wrap the larger band over itself, but then the Velcro parts aren’t together and it can damage the fabric. Also it creates a big bulge where it overlaps.
    *TWAW – thank you Jen, I will update the description to reflect the missing pouch on the X-small. The shorter length of the X small band, there isn’t room for the additional pouch 🙂

  18. Nancy Keaton

    Thrilled with it! It is comfortable and holds the gun securely and no one can tell at all. Wearing it high is comfortable and works well, too, but I think I will order a second smaller one so the Velcro won’t overlap. But, hey, nothing wrong with having 2!

  19. Nancy Keaton

    Thrilled with it! It’s very comfortable and holds the gun securely and no one can tell at all. I find I do need to carry up high with my tighter pants and that works quite comfortably as well. I think I will be ordering a smaller size to wear higher though, so the Velcro doesn’t overlap but, hey, there’s nothing wrong with having two, maybe even more so I can change often without worrying about washing constantly.

  20. Mari

    I’ve purchased 4 holsters now from TWAW. Ordered #4, the breathable 4″ belly band holster, on Wed. evening and it arrived on Monday. Immediately tried it on and was blown away at how my Bersa Thunder CC.380 became literally invisible while wearing just lighter weight jeans and a light t-shirt. My husband, a retired police officer who is very observant, could not see it at all. I found that it’s most comfortable wearing it a little lower than waist high (the top of the belly band just under my pants waistband). I will update this review after using my belly band for extended periods and report back on the comfort level and how it holds up with regular use since I carry daily due to my job as a Realtor/Property Manager. I’m excited that I just may have found my favorite holster!!
    I can’t imagine purchasing my holsters, etc. from anywhere else than TWAW. This company ROCKS! Thank you for all you do for us!!

  21. Deb

    Great holster! I was looking for something to use with my lounge around the house clothing. The fabric is a lighter weight and but it accommodates my Xds comfortably and securely. Added benefit, it’s perfect for my active wear and I’m not worried about losing my LCP during Zumba classes. Thank you TWAW for another addition to my versatile holster collection!

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