BoreSmith Cleaning Kit




Gun cleaning made easy! No more fumbling feeding the patch into the cleaning rod with these ingenious patches and brushes!

The two radial diameters of our Jag Brush turns your cleaning rod into a dual-purpose cleaning system so that you make your firearm bores Cleaner Faster. Bristles at the front portion push a patch deeper into rifling than done by other jags or loops, and bristles at the rear portion brush the bore. Our Triangle Patch has one less radius than a square patch, and it means for the same amount of cotton fabric, a Triangle Patch reaches farther down a jag. The notches in its sides eliminate 5-layer folds so that the patch does not bunch up excessively. It means the triangular patch does not get stuck, even though it pushes more fabric against a bore than a square patch does. Because the Triangle Patch has a longer radius than a same caliber square patch, the triangle’s corners reach into the rear section of our Jag Brush where bristles at a radial diameter larger than the bore push patch fabric deep into rifling grooves. The flexibility of bristles allows for deeper cleaning while at the same time doing it with a smooth passage and less rod flex. The aluminum connectors are non-abrasive. The carbon steel core wires are stronger than those of other metals, and stronger means less likely to bend or to loosen their grip on bristles.

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Additional information

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