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BG Comfort Belly Band





Features of the BG Comfort Belly Band

  • Soft as Butter! This soft yet strong holster allows you to carry most sized guns whether you carry a subcompact or full size.
  • 4 holsters in 1 – This belly band allows for multiple locations: IWB (anywhere around your lower waist, appendix, small of the back) Midsection BB (rotated to the perfect spot for you)  Bra Carry (worn high and centered under your bust) Underarm (worn high with gun underarm and alongside the breast)
  • Minimal bulk allows it to be more versatile when concealed carrying
  • Optimal width for the ultimate in comfortable concealed carry
  • Easy sizing – create the belly band that is the perfect size for your size
  • NO material fraying from the Velcro closure!

BG Comfort Belly Band Design

  • Ambidextrous
  • 2 universal holsters (approx. 3.25″ wide) – will fit semi-automatics sizing from subcompact guns through Glock 17’s and most full-sized 1911’s. This holster is not recommended for revolvers. There are no retention straps for these holsters.
  • 4 magazine pockets (approx. 2″ wide)
  • 1 horizontal holster with retention straps. Please note: this type of carry is for experienced concealed carriers and requires draw practice to ensure it is done safely. The Gun must be holstered/re-holstered with the BG Belly Band OFF the body.
  • One large zipper pouch (4.5″ x 8″)
  • The band width is 4.5″
  • Constructed out of 3mm Neoprene – this product is latex free
  • Industrial velcro used for maximum hold
  • Machine washable! (just do not put it in the dryer, only air dry)
  • TWAW recommends using a TWAW Universal Trigger Shield to be placed in this holster for extra trigger protection. Learn more by clicking on this link: TWAW Trigger Shield
  • Due to the open-bottom holster design, a TWAW Trigger Shield is recommended for use with small guns such as pocket pistols to provide the best retention.


The total length of the BG Comfort Belly Band is 50″. This belly band only comes in one size that is then able to be customized.

Please note: If the area where you plan to wear this holster is smaller than 36″ the velcro will overlap over the zipper pocket.

This unique holster design allows you to customize the sizing to fit you best.
  1. Decide if you will wear the BG Comfort Belly Band in all three locations, hips, mid-waist, and ribcage. If so, continue on to step 3.
  2. If you will only be wearing the BG Comfort Belly Band in a single location – measure this area of your body.
  3. With a soft fabric measuring tape, measure around your hips, around your waist, and around your rib cage,  just under your breasts.

Each band has cut-away sections to where you can customize your belt to your size. Once cut, the band is nonreturnable. See below for cutting instructions.

Please note, that the BG Comfort Belly Band has approximately 6″ of additional stretch.

Once you have received your BG Comfort Belly Band, its time to customize it to your sizing. This belly band has unique cutaway panels allowing you to size your band perfectly to you!  When it comes time to cut your band (if needed) please follow the below suggestions

  1. Be sure you measure twice because once cut, the BG Comfort Belly Band is not returnable.
  2. Test Fit your band: Try your band on in each location you plan on wearing it, low, mid, and or high. Pay attention to each cut-away panel your velcro will attach to in each position. If with each location you have extra cutaway panels, these are the panels you can remove.
  3. Trim excess panels: Find the stitching between each panel. You will notice that each panel has a hemstitch to keep all edges clean. There is a third stitch between panels that holds them together. This is the thread you want to cut.
  4. Carefully cut the stitching with sharp scissors or a seam ripper, if you have one.
  5. You are done!

Make sure to always practice your draw with an unloaded gun in each position you wish to wear your belly band.


The manufacturer offers a 6 month limited warranty on this product for any material defects[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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