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Betty Holster

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THIS PRODUCT IS BEING DISCONTINUED. LIMITED MODELS AND LIMITED STOCK.  -Made by a woman – for a woman! From the creator of the Flashbang Bra Holster comes an in the pants holster that allows you to carry like a women. A tuck-able inside-the-waistband thermo-plastic holster with adjustable cant. Ideal for carry with or without a belt on any type of clothing with an accessible waistband. Can also be used to clip inside a purse, or to the top of a cowboy boot (with appropriate cover garment).


Add The Ultimate Clip for even more versatility

This ultimate holster clip changes in the waistband carry forever! Its revolutionay clamp design has no need for a belt or any other secondary means of support to provide it’s retention. Now you can wear just about any in the waistband holster that currenty has a clip (Screw on or retention holster clips) with ANY WAISTBAND, regardless of it’s thickness. (Note: a heavier firearm clipped onto a thinner waistband, may sag and not provide proper retention) It offers over 10 times the retention and can clip while increasing concealability with it’s short clip lever so less clip is showing on your waistband.

NOTES ON THE BETTY: Unlike the Flashbang which is another clamshell type holster which “snaps” tight around the gun, The Betty should be a little bit looser when you put it in the holster when it is off your waistband. Because it relies on  the “tension” created between your body and your pants to get it to the right tightness, it will be a looser fit prior to clipping it to you pants and tightening the wasitband. If it were completely tight before you put it on and tightened your waistband – it would be so tight you could not draw the gun from it. I hope this makes some sense, it’s a hard thing to describe!!
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