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The woman’s belly band holster is one of the best and most versatile holster options for women and  is exactly what we need to effectively carry our firearms with the variety of clothing styles we wear. THE MOST comfortable belly band there is.This top quality belly band is made from 5″ comfort elastic for all day wear.  It features multiple holsters and pockets for spare magazines or other items  comes with removable rentention straps. Universal and fits most all Firearm models and Latex free. Sizing tip: Measure where you think you’ll want to wear the band. For example, if you have fabulous curves, the size that fits your waist may not fit your hips.

Shown on models in Small and XL

***XS has only 1 holster


See 4″ Belly Band for shorter waists. See 4″ narrow Belly Band

Available Sizes

Size Measurements
X-Small 18″ – 24″
Small 26″ – 31″
Medium 32″ – 36″
Large 36″ – 43″
X-Large 41″ – 47″
2X-Large 46″ – 53″
3X-Large 52″ – 57″
4X-Large 57″ – 60″
5X-Large 60″ – 65″




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Additional information

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Reviews (27)

27 reviews for Belly Band in 5″ by The Well Armed Woman

  1. Amy Kelly

    I have been using this holster for 3 or 4 years now, and it’s time for me to buy a new one as it is starting to wear through in the pockets. The elastic and velcro are still in good shape, and I can wear it to go running without bounce or slip as long as I carry on my hip instead of my back. I prefer to carry on my back at other times, but for some reason when running it bounces when it’s on my back. I can even fit a small water bottle in the extra holster. It was too big, so I took it in and this time I will buy a size smaller. Overall, I love it!

  2. Nancy Demanicor

    I have been wearing the belly band for a long time and love it. (Not the breathable) I find it very comfortable and it fits my Glock 43 very well. It fits under any shirt and I am able to pull the gun out easily. (Takes practice) The thread is just starting to give out. I am about to buy my 2nd one. I wear a large – 5″ size, the 4″ size was not as comfortable or as efficient . It also serves as a great back support and I have been wearing it to do yard work requiring lots of bending Highly recommend it.

  3. Mariah

    When I first tried on the holster, I was surprised how comfortable it was. My EDC is a Ruger LCR and I always appendix carry. After putting it in the holster, I noticed that the band held it up nicely and it didn’t feel like it was sagging. Once I put my shirt down, I noticed the grip of my gun stuck out enough to see. I was slightly disappointed, and wondered this holster was not the best fit for my gun. I messaged TWAW on Favebook and Carrie replied within an hour or two. She suggested I try wearing the holster a bit higher to take advantage of the concealment my chest could provide. She also pointed out that revolvers are a bit chunkier and harder to conceal, and she makes a great point. I decided to keep my belly band and get used to wearing it a bit higher on my waist instead of at my hips. I didn’t plan on having to do this, but at the end of the day it’s about protecting myself. And if this means I have to buy a new auto, well darn!

  4. Tara

    I like the idea of this CC belly band and it holds my gun in place very, very well even when jogging but the issue I have with it is the Velcro closure. I believe someone with very little belly fat will LOVE this band but if you have any fat at all on your belly the Velcro will dig into your skin uncomfortably! I am not over weight and it digs into my skin. I believe if I wear an undershirt under the band this will not happen but cannot wear it if not.

  5. Christy

    I’ve been wearing my gun exclusively with this holster for 20 months & I’ve gone through two holsters already & ordering my 3rd.(A new one about every 10 months) Due to the nature of the elastic, it DOES break down over time. I’ve had to re-sew the seams on the pockets of mine multiple times, wear them inside out to use the other pocket & keep repairing them until I just don’t feel safe wearing it any longer. The retention straps are way too tight imo. It would be very hard to draw & rip that velcro off in an incident. I HAVE HAD MY GUN FALL OUT ON THE GROUND using this holster with no retention straps. It’s a very comfortable holster & easy to conceal well, but it will wear out fairly quickly. I love this holster because my gun is never on the ground or in my purse when I have to go to the bathroom. A MAJOR issue with all on the belt/waistband holsters! Another drawback is my gun regularly gets wet in the summer from sweat.

  6. Senta

    this is the answer to every concealed carry problem. you can wear it with anything and carry anything you want. super comfortable i forget its even on.

  7. Natalie

    My brother ordered my 5″ belly band as a belated birthday present for me a few weeks ago. The next time I saw him, I showed him how well it worked! He had NO idea I was wearing my Glock 26 under my thin tshirt. The fabric is a little itchy, but that’s a fair trade for peace of mind. It comfortably fits my Glock, and I’m really excited to try it out when I get my Sig Sauer P290RS.

    For size reference, I’m 5’2″, 130lbs, 27in waist, and ordered the small. It fits perfectly.

    Thank you for the great product!!

  8. Gina

    Love this belly band! Just purchased the 5 inch in a med last week. I am 5’10 150lbs probably could use the small however the med was fine. My husband and I just got back from 4 days of horse camping and this was the perfect time to try it out. Ladies, I did not know I even had it on. Wore it all day long, bending over to pick horses feet, raising arms to lift saddles, trail riding for hours weather was in the 80’s very little sweat. Only TWO changes I wish they would make, increase the Velcro length on the closure about 2 inches and close the bottom pocket for the clips. The clips will work their way out the bottom. Other than that, perfect! Just got my CCW:)

  9. Cindy

    I have been carrying a Walther CCP in my waistband but found it difficult to avoid printing in the summer. I finally got this belly band and wish I had done it a long time ago. It is SO comfortable that sometimes I forget I am carrying! It is so much easier to carry without printing. And like everyone else has said, my gun feels very secure even without using the velcro straps. Thank you Well Armed Woman for such a great product! (I measured incorrectly and ordered a size too large and they cheerfully and quickly exchanged for the correct size.) Thanks too for the great customer service!

  10. Suzette

    I love this holster!
    Pros: I have sensitive skin. This holster did not irritate at all. It was very comfortable. I am 5’8″ tall and wear the holster so the gun (Glock 43) in the waistband of my pants. I lost something in my car and was crawling all over the seats and twisting to feel under the seats. If the weapon was going to come unseated, that would have done it. It stayed put nicely without the strap. The velcro closure would likely hold the wings on an airplane so that is VERY well designed. That sucker is not going to come open by accident. In fact, when readjusting it (see my cons below) I had to really pull hard to get it to come loose.
    Cons: I purchased the size based on my waist. I am heavy so I got the XL based on my waist measurement. Let’s just say that my padding squishes easily so the band is WAY too big. I suggest get a size based on the size of pants you wear.

  11. Cindy

    I ordered this holster and love it!. I ordered a little too large, but my husband has been using it for hunting and he wants to keep it for himself. I am ordering a size smaller for myself. The only thing I found discouraging is the sweat that can leach through to your fire arm. In most cases this would not occur, however in hot weather and climbing the mountains it did happen. Wiped it down and dried out the band and all is well. I am still most pleased!

  12. Pat

    I absolutely love the 5″ belly band! I tried the 4″ but it just didn’t sit the way I wanted it to so I got the 5″. The 5″ is perfect for all day wear of my Glock 43 and extra mag. Very comfortable, even against bare skin. I don’t care for IWB carry, so I was reduced to purse carry until I found this band. Now I carry everyday, with little to no printing and no discomfort or restriction of movement. Most of all, I can use the rest room or sit my purse down without fear of losing my gun. All thanks to this 5″ belly band.

  13. Brenda

    I recently ordered the 5″ belly band after looking long and hard for the right holister. I am so very glad I ordered this one. I wear it where the gun is almost under my left arm and it is very
    comfortable….I almost forget I have it on. I can do everything without having to take it off or move it around…I didn’t want one that I had to take off to use the restroom or change clothes. My co workers don’t even know I have it on.
    Go for it ladies—-I am 67 and just got my CHL.

  14. Alicia

    I love this belly band, i wear a camisole under it, it is a little scratchy.

  15. Katie

    This is a great holster! I was worried it would not fit properly since I am a larger woman (size 24 pant, 3XL shirt). However, the 2x belly band fits great and I have absolutely NO PRINTING!! I carry a Smith and Wesson Shield 9mm and am left handed. I would highly recommend this product. It works well with everything I wear. Order this and you won’t be disappointed!

  16. Anne

    By far the most comfortable holster I’ve EVER worn. I wear it on the outside of a (colorful) T under a more roomy top: no printing at all (plus I imagine it will need less laundering). Thought the pockets would be tiny but it works well with a variety of smaller handguns, from a Glock 26 to my S&W 60. Ordered too big around at first and had to return & reorder; WAW’s customer service on this exchange was terrific. Don’t hesitate to try this one.

  17. Robin

    Ordered at 11pm on Wednesday night, in my mailbox this morning (Saturday). Very fast shipping. I’ve been wearing it all day and it is very comfortable. It holds my small Taurus 380 very secure but I’m even more impressed with how tightly it holds my Springfield Armory XD45. It is a very heavy gun and it holds it very snug. It doesn’t seem to sag from the weight. I certainly wasn’t expecting that much from this band. It you are thinking about this purchase, don’t hesitate.

  18. Angel

    I bought this holster a few months ago and it works great! I carried an LCP .380 and my Ruger SR9C. They both fit great. I can carry it around my waist for an appendix carry or higher up under my breast which helps conceal it even more. I wear it every day! I’ve tried several other holsters including the tank holster and I have the magnet holster. This is by far my favorite and I can even wear it around the house, to the grocery store, or the park and my kids have no idea. As a single mom of 3, protection is my #1 priority. I love it!

  19. Allie

    Initially I ordered the 4’’ belly band and was very disappointed to find that the small was giving me the classic “spare tire” around my lower tummy and the medium was too large and loose fitting to securely carry anything (including the empty band). If you find that you’re having this problem, order the 5’’ band! The Well Armed Woman graciously took back both the small and medium 4’’ (with no hassle other than just sending it back!) and I was able to order a small 5’’ Belly Band and it works perfectly! The extra inch in width really made a difference with the tire-issue 🙂 and I can now securely and comfortably carry my sub-compact semi-automatic. Excellent product, excellent customer service! If you’re thinking of ordering another brand of belly band (typically “unisex” or men’s), save yourself the money and time – they are inflexible and scratchy! This is the best belly band on the market for a woman’s frame and skin.

  20. Evelyn

    I have to say when I saw my son (24yr military) on the range with us last week he was wearing one of these! It shocked me since I naturally assumed he would wear a holster but he wore it would out any printing at ALL! Slim shirt!

  21. Anne

    I love this belly band. I have been wearing it everyday for 6 months. I had an issue with the first one that I ordered and they sent me a new one before I returned the problem one so I didn’t have to be without a holster…now that is great customer service. I am so happy with my choice. Thanks for a great product.

  22. Melissa

    Had to share! I have had other belly band holsters…….but today I just received my order from The Well Armed Woman belly band. LOVE it! The most comfortable ever. True to size. What you measure is what you should order. Incredibly comfortable to wear high at bra level, hip, back, appendix and extra compartments. I’m curvy (large bust) which can be a challenge. Just wanted to share……if you have been on the fence, don’t be. Order it.

  23. Diana

    I love this belly band. I’ve been wearing it inside, outside, in the car. It’s a keeper. So versatile and comfortable too. I feel very confident that my gun is secure in any position. Customer service was very helpful with my size selection. Delivery was the day after placing my order – what could be better than that?

  24. Karen

    I have the small size which works great for underarm or waist carry for myself and my husband has the medium size which he loves and which works well for him and which I like for the hip area carry on me so I am ordering this size for myself as well. I really love this belly band! It is the best holster I have found and that is with 5 years of buying and trying different ones. Two of my sons want one for their wives. Thank you!!!

  25. Maria

    I love how soft the material is and my .38 Special Ruger fits really well in it.  Thanks for all your help!  I’m letting all my ‘carrying’ friends know about your website and hope to send some business your way.

  26. Rebekah

    I LOVE my comfort fit 5 inch I received it yesterday. It is very comfortable and I love the versatility to wear it high or low. The fabric is high quality and appears that it will last for quite a long time. Thank you for supplying high quality items designed with a woman’s needs in mind. 🙂

  27. Sharon

    I just got my belly band from you yesterday, wore it all around the house in every configuration I could come up with and so far I am loving it….and love the fact that I can carry different firearms and no big deal….thanks…

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