Tan Belly Band Holster in 4″ by The Well Armed Woman

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The best women’s belly band holster available. Sized for women and very comfortable. Be sure to check out the video!

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The Well Armed Woman’s belly band holster is one of the best and most versatile holster options for women and  is exactly what we need to effectively carry our firearms with the variety of clothing styles we wear. THE MOST comfortable belly band holster there is and THE ONLY BELLY BAND MADE FOR WOMEN!

 Why a Belly Band Holster is a good choice

Women have shorter waists than men, so the typical 5″ or wider belly band holster can be cumbersome and uncomfortable. Finally a belly band holster designed for women. The Well Armed Woman Belly Band holster is made from top quality comfort elastic for all day wear. It is a comfortable 4″ wide and is available in both Natural and Black. It features multiple holsters and pockets for spare magazines or other items  comes with removable retention straps. Universal, fits most all Firearm models and Latex free. Sizing tip: Measure where you think you’ll want to wear the band. For example, if you have fabulous curves, the size that fits your waist may not fit your hips.

***XS has only 1 holster

Watch video demonstration of the belly band holster.
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Belly Band Holster Available Sizes:

Size Measurements
X-Small 18″ – 24″
Small 26″ – 31″
Medium 32″ – 36″
Large 36″ – 43″
X-Large 41″ – 47″
2X-Large 46″ – 53″
3X-Large 52″ – 57″
4X-Large 57″ – 60″
5X-Large 60″ – 65″



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Reviews (36)

36 reviews for Tan Belly Band Holster in 4″ by The Well Armed Woman

  1. tracy –

    I bought my belly band well over 6 months ago after several other frustrating holster purchases. Each one was either too bulky, printed too much, was uncomfortable, or moved around too much during normal activity. After the Sutherland Springs, Texas church shooting earlier this month, I have been encouraged and determined to be a regular carrier. So I finally tried on the belly band. I am a plus size womand and I have a Kahr CM9 single stack that I wear in front just under my bust – where I feel it is safest and best concealed. I do wear a tank top or camisole underneath the band. It is comfortable enough that I barely notice it. I can wear it for a full day without discomfort. My gun stays secure, even when I was climbing around vacuuming out the car. I am continuing to practice my draw, which is still awkward and inefficient, but getting better. I love the extra pockets for mags or a knife, and I love that I can move the position of the gun to the side or hip if I choose to do so. I have the 4″ band, and have not tried my Glock 19 but feel confident that it would be secure also. So glad I bought the belly band.

  2. C Tripken

    Purchased product 2 weeks ago- ordered according to size chart and fact I was going to wear on my hips- BIG!! Because I sew- not a problem for me- altered it no problem and it is great. But, I would say they are generously sized- remember they are elastic- next time I will size down.
    Super comfortable and with my yoga pants over it does not roll like some have complained about- higher on my waist- I have a well defined waist- also no problem- I could see for someone with less of a defined waist though it mat ’roll??”
    I am short waisted so the 4″ was a must.
    Absolutely no printing- super good.

  3. Barbara

    I just purchased yesterday from The Well Armed Woman. Shipped fast and arrived earlier than expected. I went for a 3 mile trail run carrying a Ruger LCP. It felt securely in place at all times, without any distraction of feeling bouncy. It is pretty stretchy so it was easy to adjust without removing as I found the right spot for it to sit. I wore a thin tank under the band because I was concerned it would chaff until broken in. I wish I would have gotten an XS as I think it will stretch over time. Feels kind of like an extra thick ace bandage. Not thrilled with the wear I see after just one run. Curious how well it will hold up after washing. Overall, I think it’s a good choice for running with a small firearm so far.


    How is the sizing done,do you have a chart

  5. Wendy L.

    I’ve had my 4″ Belly Band for a couple months now and I have to say, if it weren’t for one problem, it’d be my absolute favorite holster. It fits perfectly and keeps my gun securely against me; I wear with my gun at front, riding high under my braline, and under a flouncy blouse or dark baggy t-shirt, it’s perfect.

    However, this has got to be the *itchy-est* article I’ve ever worn. I imagine this is what wearing a “hair shirt” would feel like. The fact that the holster makes me itch (and no, it is not giving me a rash, no allergies here), is what keeps me from using this as my main holster. Because this holster conceals the best of all my holsters, I’ve been trying to wear it every day practical, but I can only last about 1/2 a day before I either stop carrying or change it out for a different holster for the remainder of the day.

  6. Shannon

    I finally got my concealed permit and immediately purchased this product. I bought it big enough to sit on my hips perfectly under my jeans and my Ruger LCP fits perfectly. I will be wearing daily as so one can tell I’m even carrying, yet I can access my weapon if needed.. Thank you for products geared toward women!

  7. Dona

    I am new to CCW and having been using the belly band for about 3 weeks now. I carry a Bersa .380 and am a plus size gal. I also had to go down one size as the first one I ordered was too big. I was surprised at how comfortable it is! I wear mostly skirts and blouses for work, but on my weekends I wear capris and t-shirts and have used my belly band for all of these with no problem at all. It does take two hands to insert my hand gun and practice to draw, but like a previous reviewer said….practice, practice, practice. At work I am either in the office or out in the field, but the band is comfortable wither I am driving or sitting or bending….etc… I do like that I can move it around. My husband was very skeptical, but he is even impressed. The only main issue I have is that my weapon does touch my skin and if I don’t wipe it down every night it shows signs of rust.

  8. Mary Swoboda

    I carry at Sig P320 subcompact. My pistol fits fine in this belly band holster.
    I like that I can wear the belly band high around my waist or pull it down lower on my hips and pull my pants over it.
    Drawing requires practice. I must be “snappy” when I draw my gun because the band will ride up, especially with a slow draw.
    It takes two hands to reholster, one to open the slot and the other to insert the gun. I carry for self-defense, so getting the gun out and engaged on target is more important than speed in reholstering.
    I try to practice drawing, reholstering and dry-firing at least 5 minutes every day to build muscle memory.
    The best part about this holster is I can wear it under stretch pants, slacks or jeans. I can wear it under a stretchy skirt. I could probably wear it under a dress, but boy would that get attention if I had to draw my gun! 🙂
    I always wear a sleeveless stretch tank top under a T-shirt or button up shirt so the belly band is not touching my skin.

  9. Nancy

    Love the belly band holster! It’s so comfortable that it’s now the only one I wear, and I wear it all the time. Mine is 5″, but I have a high waist so I’m going to try the 4″. I usually wear medium, but in this holster I wear a small, and it’s very stretchy and forgiving.

  10. Jackie

    I love the belly band I got, but it was too big. If you are on the lower range of a size, you should probably just go one size down. Ex, I measured for a medium at 32.5 but I have to exchange it for a small.

  11. Lorraine

    I really like the belly band — the 4 inch band is good for me – a small woman. I got the medium – measured myself and it was way too big. I would have exchanged it for a small but just got out my trusty sewing machine and made it smaller. Just realize that there is a lot of stretch and if you are close to the larger size get the smaller one. I am going to like this carry holster —

  12. Laura H

    I am so happy with my belly band holster! I’m short, short waisted and a little overweight. It’s been difficult to find a holster that really conceals well. This fits the bill perfectly. I was surprised and pleased to find I can carry my Ruger LC9s inside my jeans comfortably. Exactly what I was hoping for.

  13. Terry J.

    I love my belly band. I forget I have it on. I carry a 38 revolver in mine and sometimes my smart phone too. I have 2 concealed carry purses but always have to keep my eyes on them because of small children or purse snatchers. The belly band is awesome! No worries.

  14. Terry J.

    I love my belly band holster! I have tried others. I have 2 concealed carry purses but because of children you have to have your eye on it constantly and because of purse snatchers. If someone steals your purse , they then have your gun. I forget I even have my belly band on. It’s perfect and can be worn in different positions.

  15. Robin

    The 4″ belly band holster is perfect! I just started conceal-carrying and wear this holster every day. It’s comfortable and I forget I have it on. Never have to worry about it falling to the floor or tugging down your pants. Love this!!! Thank you for the amazing product.

  16. Susan

    I purchased this, but it really doesn’t wear comfortably for me. I am short-waisted and round in the middle. This holster offers lots of position possibilities but my problem was with my underwear. It didn’t matter if I was wearing briefs or bikinis, when I had this positioned where it was comfortable for me, it was either over my underwear or under my underwear. Either one posed problems when it came time to use the bathroom. This holster, for me, because of the conflicts with my underwear, was more troublesome to wear than what the versatility was worth.

  17. Nico

    As a mother of curious toddler twins I have found carrying on my person more complicated yet the need to carry on my person greater than ever. The Belly band has helped me solve so many issues like how to carry without printing and scaring other moms when on playdates and How to carry safely and use the restroom or try on clothes with two toddlers in tow. Thank you for making this great product.

  18. Emma

    First off, I would like to mention how fast the shipping was. I was really impressed by that.

    This was my first conceal carry holster I purchased since I just recently got my permit.
    As for the belly band, I love it! I am a petite and small chested woman so I wasn’t anticipating being able to carry on me (only thought I would be able to conceal in my purse). I love this holster so much. It is incredibly versatile and is actually comfortable. I am overall very pleased and will definitely continue to shop here.

  19. Terry

    I have almost worn my belly band out. It’s still as comfortable as it was when bought. I like the 4″. I’m short and curvy and you can never tell when I’m carrying…which is almost daily. Love, love, love it. I definitely recommend. I carry a Sig Sauer .380 and this band fits so good, sometimes I forget I’m carrying.

  20. Staci

    I just got my belly wrap holster in the mail yesterday. Shipping was very fast. I put it on immediately with my gun and my husband couldn’t tell I was wearing it. I tried every way possible to wear it and it was very comfortable. I love its versatility and comfort. The only problem I had with it is the industrial strength Velcro on the ammo pouch is too tough for my arthritic hands to open. Otherwise, I highly recommend this band.

  21. Beth

    I was disappointed when I received my belly band. The 4″ model states that it will hold small to medium guns. I have a small revolver and it will not come close to fitting in the pockets. I would suggest a caveat somewhere to let ladies know that this will only hold semi-automatic styles. I will be returning it – considering trading for a 5″ band in hopes that it will hold my revolver.

  22. Terrie

    My husband got me a belly band for my glock 42 . I’m not happy with it at all. Gun barely fits into the holster and does not feel secure at all. Will be sending it back

  23. Krista

    I’ve been wearing the 4″ Small belly band for about 2 months now almost daily and I LOVE it! For you short curvy woman out there, try wearing the band a bit higher with your gun centered almost directly under your bra. Your “curves” should be sufficient to hide any bulges the gun creates with a slightly loose blouse. (Most people avoid looking directly under your breasts.) My husband deliberately checks me out every day and even looking for it can’t see it’s there. Thought this might help some of you out there. Thanks TWAW for making such a great holster for us!

  24. Lucy

    I got my belly band last week and love it! I got medium size, natural color. I have worn it under my arm, on my hip and below my waistband. The gun is very secure. I did remove the Velcro retention strap so I can draw more quickly.

  25. Destinie

    What a great option for concealed carry the 4″ Belly Band holster. I have tried many different options and this is probably one of my favorites. Comfortable and amazingly well concealed. Thank you Well Armed Woman.

  26. Crystal

    I just received my 4″ belly band holster and I am in love! I recently purchased a Smith and Wesson M&P Shield .40 and I’ve been looking for the right holster for it. I have curves and most holsters are uncomfortable or just feel like the gun is going to fall out the minute you bend over at the grocery store to get that jar off of the bottom shelf. This holster fits great and is secure…it doesn’t move at all! This is hands down my favorite holster!

  27. Allie

    I was so excited to get this holster but quickly found that the small was giving me the classic “spare tire” around my lower tummy and the medium was too large and loose fitting to securely carry anything (including the empty band). If you find that you’re having this problem, order the 5’’ band! The Well Armed Woman graciously took back both the small and medium 4’’ (with no hassle other than just sending it back!) and I was able to order a small 5’’ Belly Band and it works perfectly! The extra inch in width really made a difference with the tire-issue 🙂 and I can now securely and comfortably carry my sub-compact semi-automatic. Excellent product, excellent customer service! If you’re thinking of ordering another belly band (typically “unisex” or men’s), save yourself the money and time – they are inflexible and scratchy! This is the best belly band on the market for a woman’s frame and skin.

  28. Allison

    After much research and shopping around I decided this was the holster for me. I loved it as soon as I put it on and looked in the mirror…no gun showing! That changed the first time I wore it and had to sit down for a while. I am full figured, short waisted and my waist is considerably smaller than my hips. When I sit down my hip pushes the gun (S&W 380 Bodyguard)up and out of the belly band. I’ve tried to position the gun in front but then my belly just pushes the gun up and forward. I’ve tried wearing the gun against my back hip area but due to my arthritis and fibromyalgia it is just too uncomfortable (and slow!)to draw that way. I think this would have been perfect for me if there was an elastic strap to hold the gun in place but still make it easy to draw. It fits well, is very soft and comfortable and great for those who don’t wear belts but I don’t recommend it for women with short, curvy bodies.

    I wish I knew who you were 🙂 we have the removable thumb breaks now!

  29. Marcia

    Love the Belly Band Holster. I do not wear pants or belts on my skirts, so I have been reduced to using a thigh holster or Remora beltless holster, both of which tend to slip and also get very hot. Wearing the band over my skirt on my hips with a long top, my revolver is conformably concealed carried. Plus, there are pockets for a speed loader and my cell phone. Most skirts do not have pockets, so this is a great plus. Thanks to The Well Armed Woman.

  30. Cheryl

    I received my TWAW 4″ Belly Band Holster today and it is great. I have been wearing it since it arrived, with my Beretta Nano. I barely know it is there and my gun is truly concealed. I usually carry in my purse but no longer. Thank you!

  31. Barbara

    I recently moved from Las Vegas, Nevada to extreme rural New Mexico. I had normally carried in a holster purse in the city, but here I wear the belly band exclusively. When I am on my own property — 125 acres at 8000 feet amongst the Ponderosa pines, I mainly have to worry about 4 legged predators and I wear it (holding my 45 ACP Glock) over my clothes for maximum accessibility. When I go to town it is easy to put on a long shirt or jacket and conceal my weapon from the 2 legged kind of predator. I’ve owned belly bands before, but none fit as well as yours. I’ve just ordered a second one in black. Keep up the good work.

  32. Beth

    Just received my bellyband holster, and I cannot say enough about it. It is so comfortable, I can’t even tell I’m wearing it. I carry a 9mm Kahr, and it lays so smoothly against me with this holster. Glad to have it out of my purse! Will definitely purchase more of these as gifts.

  33. Karen

    I have the small size which works great for underarm or waist carry for myself and my husband has the medium size which he loves and which works well for him and which I like for the hip area carry on me so I am ordering this size for myself as well. I really love this belly band! It is the best holster I have found and that is with 5 years of buying and trying different ones. Two of my sons want one for their wives. Thank you!!!

  34. Melissa

    Had to share! I have had other belly band holsters…….but today I just received my order from The Well Armed Woman belly band. LOVE it! The most comfortable ever. True to size. What you measure is what you should order. Incredibly comfortable to wear high at bra level, hip, back, appendix and extra compartments. I’m curvy (large bust) which can be a challenge. Just wanted to share……if you have been on the fence, don’t be. Order it.

  35. Laura

    LOVE & highly recommend TWAW 4″ bellyband holster. Comfortable and perfect for wearing over cycling jersey with jacket on top.

  36. Marina

    I recently bought one of these from TWAW and I love it. I can wear it high, low side or front carry. I can even wear it with my running tights and it feels completly stable – how cool is that? Paula, I wear it right in front and it doesn’t show much at all, even with just a t-shirt. If you’re really looking for it you’d notice it but otherwise it would go right under the radar.

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