Gun safes an storage products for the ultimate in gun storage and safe use. Guns don’t hurt people sitting on a table, tucked in a drawer or in a glove compartment. Accidents happen when we are negligent in our care and storage of guns. We are negligent when they are left loaded, unlocked and available to be mishandled. How we store our firearms is key. Where and how you store your firearm(s) should be addressed prior to purchasing and a plan in place.

The safest place for your firearm is on your person. Yes even with children. Many mothers carry their firearm on their body all the time. This keeps the gun under your control all of the time and out of the hands of inquisitive children.

Storage of the firearm when you are not up and about while at home creates a complicated set of issues. You desire to keep the gun out of the hands of your children while needing access to it quickly, should you need it.

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