Women’s on the waistband holster carry just got better and MORE COLORFUL! The problems women have with on-the-waistband carry are solved with the curved Well Armed Woman OWB convertible holster. Wear it outside the waist or inside the waist. Even more, it comes with all the convertible hardware you’ll need for either location.  Importantly, you can now carry with a belt or without!

Because it is molded with the curve to conform to your body, it rides exceptionally tight to your body. therefore, it’s better than any other OWB Kydex holsters. This holster’s adjustability of how high or low the holster is worn is due to our adjustable clips.  The back of the holster is smooth making this holster very comfortable, even with the largest gun models.  It is made of .080 Kydex AND it is reversible! It also comes with both waistband clips and belt wings for the ultimate in versatility!

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