Belly Band and Wrap Holsters are some of the most popular holsters we offer! Importantly, they are extremely comfortable and extremely versatile. Traits that make it one of our top selling holsters. We offer them in multiple widths and in sizes from extra small to 5 XL. Additionally, they are available in nude, black elastic as well as in black or white lace.

Belly bands are a versatile and very comfortable method of concealment that many women use effectively. As such, you can wear them in many situations. Whether dressed for work or going to the gym, the provide the comfort and security you are looking for. In addition, they can be worn high or low on the body and offer incredible versatility. They are made of heavy-duty elastic with a velcro closure. Most have two firearm holsters.  Many have a pocket which conceals important papers, cash, credit cards, as well as a slot for a spare magazine. It works great with medium and small frame revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. Finally, they can be worn “high” under the breasts or low on the hips for added versatility.

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Comfort Carry Belly Band


Lace Belly Band by The Well Armed Woman


The Well Armed Woman Pistol Pouch by Thunderwear


The Well Armed Woman Trigger Shield

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TWAW Trigger Shield (Universal)


Pistol Wear Sport


Concealed Carry Corset

$99.00 $84.99

Tan Belly Band Holster in 4″ by The Well Armed Woman

$42.99 $35.99

Black Belly Band Holster in 4″ by The Well Armed Woman

$42.99 $35.99

Belly Band in 5″ by The Well Armed Woman


Black Belly Band

$36.99 $24.99