Find the top selling concealed carry tote bags at The Well Armed Woman. Designer tote bags made with the finest materials and in the most beloved designs and colors. Carrying a firearm in a purse requires the firearm be holstered in an appropriate holster. The firearm must also be in a separate compartment of the purse. The trigger guard must be covered completely. This prevents anything in your purse from accidentally levering the trigger either on its own. In addition to when you reach in to grasp the firearm. The purchase of a concealed carry purse which is designed for this purpose is highly recommended.

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Big Gypsy rfid tote front
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Big Gypsy RFID Tote

travel tote back
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Leather RFID Travel Tote

TWAW Duffel filled
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TWAW Duffel

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Black & White Portfolio

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Cinnamon and Black Tote


Cargo Tote

Dark Purple
Gun Metal

Park Avenue Tote in Purple, Black or Gun Metal


Pleated Slouch Handbag in Black or Brown

Black with Debossed Black Leopard
Black with Debossed Tan Leopard

Traditional Open Tote

Black with Debossed Black Leopard

Bucket Tote Concealed Carry Purse

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Shoulder Portfolio

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Studded Tote in Blue

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Distressed Buffalo Leather Tote

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Town Tote – Black

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Leopard Tote