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warrior woman cover
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Warrior Woman Workout Video

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Plea For Justice
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Plea For Justice – Liz Lazarus

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Anatomy of a Warrior: The 7 Virtues All Warriors Must Live by to Successfully Protect and Serve

The Well Armed Woman Training Log and Dry-Fire Cards front
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The Well Armed Woman Training Log & Dry-Fire Cards

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When Deadly Force is Involved: A Look at the Legal Side of Stand Your Ground, Duty to Retreat and Other Questions of Self-Defense

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The Well Armed Woman’s Concise Guide to Concealed Carry

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Free of Malice – Liz Lazarus

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A Time to Kill: The Myth of Christian Pacifism

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Shoot to Win: Tips, Tactics, and Techniques to Help You Shoot Like a Pro

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NRA Guide to Rifle Shooting

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NRA Basic Shotgun

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Armed And Alive

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Gunproof Your Children/Handgun Primer

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The Well Armed Woman Gun Basics Training DVD