• Jenifer O’Hara

    Red Bluff

    Instructor: Jenifer O\'Hara
    Email: jen@gwgclothing.com
    Phone: 530.567.5165

    Jenifer O’Hara Red Bluff, California My name is Jen O’Hara and I am the co-founder and CEO of Girls with Read more [...]

  • Raggin Compton


    Instructor: Raggin Compton
    Email: CCATraining@ComptonCombatArms.com
    Phone: (407) 533-9122

    Compton Combat Arms Orlando, Florida We are dedicated to providing safe, effective firearm ownership. This drive to revolutionize firearm training Read more [...]

  • Melissa Wright


    Instructor: Melissa Wright
    Email: sweetmissa2015@gmail.com
    Phone: (757) 404-1033

    Melissa Wright Newly certified, but eager to share my knowledge with others in safe and proper gun use. Read more [...]

  • Ann Burke

    Pingree Grove

    Instructor: Ann Burke
    Email: Ann.burke1011@yahoo.com
    Phone: (630) 433-8581

    Pingree Grove, IL I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I got involved with firearms while dealing with a stalker. Read more [...]