Ginger Burk


Women’s Integrated Defense Solutions

Spokane, Washington

Ginger Burk builds strength, confidence and a sense of well-being through her commitment to empowering individuals to protect themselves. As a more than twenty year veteran of law enforcement in the Washington Department of Corrections, Ginger instinctively understands how predators operate and manipulate victims. As both a closed custody and community Correctional Officer, she was faced with potentially becoming a victim herself. Ginger chose to train to ensure her personal safety and the ability to go home safe, whatever it takes, which is a core principle. Ginger Burk of Women’s Integrated Defense Solutions offers women's fire arm instruction and self defense classes. These classes are taught by women for, primarily, women. She coaches on the importance of situational awareness, how to cultivate it, and how to avoid confrontations. Her vast knowledge of multiple disciplines focused on protection and self defense are intricately woven into the fabric of her classes. Ginger enjoys time with her darling husband Tim and their menagerie while enjoying the pristine wilderness of eastern Washington. She volunteers for many important causes and nonprofit organizations and specializes in the empowerment of women fleeing domestic abuse situations.

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