• Kari Grayson

    San Antonio

    Instructor: Kari Grayson
    Email: kari@license2kari.com
    Phone: (210) 478-0386

    License2Kari San Antonio, Texas License to Kari is dedicated to providing quality firearm training and instruction to its students in Read more [...]

  • Dana Shaw


    Instructor: Dana Shaw
    Email: dreiner2@yahoo.com

    Dana Shaw Austin, Texas My goal is to help women empower themselves by gaining confidence through becoming comfortable and proficient Read more [...]

  • Karen Schrader


    Instructor: Karen Schrader
    Email: kschrader5009@gmail.com
    Phone: (806) 681-3713

    P23:4 Training & Instruction Claude, Texas Always alert and ever vigilant. P23:4 INSTRUCTION AND TRAINING, LLC·MONDAY, MARCH 18, 2019 Most Read more [...]

  • Diane Henderson


    Instructor: Diane Henderson
    Email: Diane@americanfreedomfirearmstraining.com
    Phone: (903) 662-1238

    American Freedom Firearms Training, LLC Marshall, Texas We run a pistol and long distance rifle range where we have archery Read more [...]

  • Peggy York


    Instructor: Peggy York
    Email: yorkp47@gmail.com
    Phone: (210) 414-5874

    Peggy York Alba, Texas I feel every person needs the knowledge and skills to protect themselves. And I am here Read more [...]