• Kim Royal


    Instructor: Kim Royal
    Email: kroyal71@gmail.com
    Phone: (727) 518-5850

    Royal Firearms Training Clearwater, Florida My passion is training and educating women to feel secure in their knowledge of and Read more [...]

  • Katie Mattison

    St. Petersburg

    Instructor: Katie Mattison
    Email: katie@ktmtraining.com
    Phone: (727) 280-5689

    KTM Training Saint Petersburg, Florida KTM Training exists to provide self-protection education and related training for individuals and businesses. Through Read more [...]

  • Raggin Compton


    Instructor: Raggin Compton
    Email: CCATraining@ComptonCombatArms.com
    Phone: (407) 533-9122

    Compton Combat Arms Orlando, Florida We are dedicated to providing safe, effective firearm ownership. This drive to revolutionize firearm training Read more [...]

  • Waleska Wechsler

    Pinellas Park

    Instructor: Waleska Wechsler
    Email: waleskavirtualrecoil@gmail.com

    Virtual Recoil LLC Pinellas Park, Florida My name is Waleska also known as Wally, I’m a Certified NRA and The Read more [...]

  • Georgia Taje


    Instructor: Georgia Taje
    Email: georgia.taje@gmail.com
    Phone: (772) 925-9145

    Georgia’s Concierge Sebastian, Florida I am a widowed mother of four children who decided to take mine & my children’s Read more [...]

  • Shelia Rosario

    North Fort Myers

    Instructor: Shelia Rosario
    Email: blackdogdefensellc@gmail.com
    Phone: (317) 828-0785

    Black Dog Defense, LLC North Fort Myers, Florida Our mission is to present women with safe, premium and professional instruction Read more [...]

  • Patti Bonnie

    The Villages

    Instructor: Patti Bonnie
    Email: usmcpibb@gmail.com
    Phone: 407 312-3961

    Insight Defensive Training  The Villages, Florida My greatest accomplishment has been serving our country as a United States Marine for Read more [...]