Tricia Collins


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Kenly, North Carolina

Women who carry (Openly or Concealed) need to feel confident in protecting themselves and their families. Practice is everything. So my goal is to have a group that we can train together by sharing tips, values, opinions, thoughts and practice shooting in our local area. A group who would not only train together but empower each other. I believe as women need to step up to take protecting ourselves and our family to the next level. We need to know how to protect ourselves. Taking basic pistol training is great, taking home protection is great, getting a firearm is great, taking concealed carry is great. BUT if you don't practice and then build on your skills then you are doing yourself a disservice. Ladies we need to be proactive if we are going to carry or use a handgun. We need to practice regularly and seek out training so if put in a last resort situation we will have the skills to protect ourselves. I love empowering other women to Be responsible gun owners by getting the training we need and deserve.

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