StrayDogs Firearms Training


StrayDogs Firearms TrainingStrayDogs Firearms

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Learn Safe. Practice Safe. BE SAFE!
StrayDogs Firearms Training is a team committed to a safe, comfortable learning environment. Classes are kept small so that each student can feel comfortable asking questions and taking the time they need to grow in knowledge and skill.

We work with people who love firearms.
We train people who are looking for ways to protect themselves.
We coach people who need personalized firearms training.
We serve people who are desperately wanting to change the negative image of firearms owners.

We help them have more confidence, while sprinkling in a little fun.
We train them to bring more security into their lives.
We give them the tools to get exactly what they want, which is peace of mind.
We show them how to get more comfortable with firearms, while making it feel like something they have done their entire lives.

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