Shelley Esposito


Warrior Woman Firearms Training

Durham, North Carolina

    Warrior Woman Firearms Training, LLC was created to offer shooting instruction to new/newer shooters and those who just want a "refresher". I also offer Conceal Carry Instruction for NC Residents, Private Instruction/Lessons, and Customized Classes/Courses/Lessons based on needs and requests. My name is Shelley Esposito and I am in the Raleigh/Durham area. I have been shooting for over 15 years and instructing for over 12 years. I am certified by the National Rifle Association (NRA) to teach Basic Pistol 1, Personal Protection Inside the Home, and Refuse To Be A Victim. I am also a Chief Range Safety Officer, as well as, credentialed with the State of North Carolina to teach Conceal Carry. I am a certified instructor for Armed Women of America (formerly known as The Well Armed Woman), and previously a Chapter Leader in North Carolina. I currently enjoy a full-time career as a Financial Investigator with the State of NC, while still working part-time as a police officer. I have previously worked with other local ranges to bring firearms instruction to the public. I enjoy working with new/newer shooters and I have a real knack for working with women. As a woman in a male-dominated industry, I can appreciate and value how differently women learn and how they want to be taught. But, I also cater to people of all sexes, races, and backgrounds. I welcome the opportunity to work with anyone willing to learn. With my work in law enforcement, I am able to bring a dynamic and defensive mindset and approach to self-defense, which makes my one-on-one lessons exciting, interesting, and as realistic as possible. I show clients not only "how" to be prepared, but also why it's important. I weave real-life scenarios into every training, allowing students to get the most out of their time with me and on the range. I pride myself on having developed a number of courses for new and newer shooters that help bridge the gap between learning the basics of shooting to becoming prepared for carrying a concealed handgun and possible self-defense situations. I teach classes throughout the year and I am available for private lessons throughout the week and on some weekends. I enjoy developing shooting drills for the range and dry fire drills for at-home training for all of my clients. But more than anything, I love watching my students grow in their shooting abilities and confidence.

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