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Riverside, California

I am an NRA Instructor and a Well Armed Woman Instructor. As a Well Armed Woman Instructor I have been taught to meet the unique needs of a female student. Women shooters need opportunities to learn safe gun handling skills, train, and do this in a friendly, non-threatening environment. My goal is to create these opportunities for you!

4 Reviews on “Jean Gwaltney”

  • Mary Sullivan
    1 year ago

    Jean was a phenomenal instructor, and cared for her students number one safety. Anyone who is anxious or uncomfortable around guns will rest easy with Jean.

  • Chrissy Poston
    1 year ago

    Awesome woman and awesome instructor. I absolutely love working with her and will continue to work with her

  • Anna
    3 years ago

    I am so grateful for taking Jean’s class and additional one on one practice sessions with her. She is very patient, encouraging, and knowledgable. I feel much more confident about gun safety and shooting practices. I highly recommend her to anyone curious about guns in general, or for those who could use a refresher course.

  • Total Newbie
    3 years ago

    The class was a hour and a half one-way drive and worth every minute of it.

    We absolutely expect to return and will recommend her to others without hesitation.

    A young woman in the class who had never shot before ended confident that she could safely handle a pistol and not accidentally shoot her foot or someone else.

    A wife and her husband who had learned from a well meaning friend had their unsafe practices identified and corrected.

    The instructions and corrections were clear and supportive. She is an excellent instructor, knowledgeable about firearm safety and training techniques.

    Our group had a huge improvement in shooting skill and confidence from beginning to the end of the class. This was evident by the targets.

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