Patricia Harrold


Incendio, LLC

Plattsmouth, Nebraska

Our training organization was founded in 2016 to provide a professional, engaging, customer-oriented training experience for individuals seeking to be safe, responsible, and skilled firearm owners. Our founder found herself in need of training and education, and if it were not for an amazing community of individual firearm owners who took her under their wing when she was widowed, she would not be here today. She began a journey of training and development and went from simply proud to be able to hit the side of the barn, to a recognized marksman, Instructor, and Training Counselor. She has formed a collaborative instructor cohort, with some of the best and most respected instructors in the Midwest. Since our founding, our training partners have trained over 1,000 students across a myriad of hands-on and classroom-based training events throughout Nebraska. From Introductory courses to Defensive Shooting, from Concealed Handgun Permit Courses to Firearm Instructor credentialing, our goal remains the same - to provide you the best training, for the best value, with the best experience.

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