• Karen Cose

    Grass Valley

    Instructor: Karen Cose
    Email: kjcbellicose@gmail.com
    Phone: (530) 570-2746

    Bellicose – Family Safety Solutions Grass Valley, California SAFETY FIRST! I have been in the firearms training business since 1998, Read more [...]

  • Jamie Green


    Instructor: Jamie Green
    Email: jbowe64492@aol.com
    Phone: (479) 263-3695

    NADM Firearms Training Huntsville, Arkansas My husband and I share this business and I am happy to say he is Read more [...]

  • Nathine Goldenthal


    Instructor: Nathine Goldenthal
    Email: nathinedavia@gmail.com

    Nathine Goldenthal Scottsdale, Arizona All training education services are offered free as a Federal community service. Live Firearm training is Read more [...]

  • Jane Anne Shimizu


    Instructor: Jane Anne Shimizu
    Email: jashimizu@gunsite.com
    Phone: (928) 636-4565

    Gunsite Academy Paulden, Arizona Gunsite Academy is the world’s oldest and largest firearms training facility in the world. I have Read more [...]

  • Barbara Beckage


    Instructor: Barbara Beckage
    Email: barbinak@hotmail.com
    Phone: (907) 982-9246

    Barbara Beckage Palmer, Alaska I became a firearms instructor to give back to women that want to learn to shoot. Read more [...]

  • Beth Alcazar


    Instructor: Beth Alcazar
    Email: bethiswriting@yahoo.com
    Phone: (205) 602-0815

    Beth Alcazar Chelsea, Alabama As a woman and a mother, I am honored to offer classes that are designed to Read more [...]

  • Kerin O’Brien


    Instructor: Kerin O'Brien
    Email: kerin.obrien64@gmail.com
    Phone: (845) 594-1932

    Dynamic Defense Firearms Training LLC Catskill, New York Specializing in defensive awareness for women; offering firearms and personal protection training Read more [...]

  • Eboni Salter

    Long Beach

    Instructor: Eboni Salter
    Email: Strictlyebb@hotmail.com
    Phone: (310) 620-3201

    Strictly 10 Protection Training, LLC Long Beach, California My name is Eboni. I have dedicated my life to enhancing the Read more [...]

  • Tanie McKinzie


    Instructor: Tanie McKinzie
    Email: hearttoholster@gmail.com
    Phone: (559) 269-5478

    Heart to Holster Clovis, California Currently, providing one on one private lessons in Clovis, Ca. I am working on my Read more [...]

  • Katie Beckner


    Instructor: Katie Beckner

    Katie Beckner Johnstown, Pennsylvania I’m a single mom and REALTOR. I am my family’s protector and I need to protect Read more [...]

  • Debra Castiglia


    Instructor: Debra Castiglia
    Email: ctygal2003@yahoo.com

    Debra Castiglia Tucson, Arizona Increase your knowledge and develop confidence emphasizing basic skills of the proper and safe handling of Read more [...]

  • Susan Walker


    Instructor: Susan Walker
    Email: Suzilynn4@gmail.com

    Susan Walker Fortson, Georgia Co-Leader of Columbus Georgia Chapter of The Well Armed Woman Read more [...]

  • Susan Somer Beach


    Instructor: Susan Somer Beach
    Email: twaw.scc.mi@gmail.com
    Phone: (586) 784-0154

    Susan Somer Beach Armada, Michigan Firearm training with an emphasis on the unique needs of women. I am here to Read more [...]

  • Susan Maurer


    Instructor: Susan Maurer
    Email: maurercrew@gmail.com
    Phone: (972) 765-6284

    Ladyhawk Firearms Training LLC Anna, Texas My goal is to help women and others train and feel capable of using Read more [...]

  • Connie Cline

    Mount Vernon

    Instructor: Connie Cline
    Email: centralohiosafetysolutions@gmail.com
    Phone: (740) 501-0627

    Central Ohio Safety Solutions LLC Mount Vernon, Ohio At Central Ohio Safety Solutions we are passionate about providing quality personal Read more [...]

  • Susan Anderson


    Instructor: Susan Anderson
    Email: sanderson@valmont.com

    We are a fun-loving group of women with a common goal; to learn, apply and emphasize firearms safety and the love of the sport. We provide a high level of safe and professional instruction at a personal level. We want to take intimidated women and watch them become confident and empowered to take charge of their own safety and those around them. Read more [...]

  • Cindy Landy

    West Sacramento

    Instructor: Cindy Landy
    Email: luminadefprep@gmail.com
    Phone: (916) 993-0234

    Lumina Defensive Preparation West Sacramento, California My goal is to make you feel more comfortable around guns, less nervous. I Read more [...]

  • Kari Ramsey


    Instructor: Kari Ramsey
    Email: kari.ramsey10@gmail.com
    Phone: (520) 827-9910

    Kari Ramsey Kearny, Arizona Available in the rural area of Kearny AZ Read more [...]

  • Cheryl Trapani


    Instructor: Cheryl Trapani
    Email: ctfinstruction@gmail.com
    Phone: (707) 479-8377

    Cheryl Trapani Instructor Ukiah, California I teach from the beginning basics and work up to more advanced techniques. We offer Read more [...]

  • Rona Schaefer

    Linn Creek

    Instructor: Rona Schaefer
    Email: ronaschaefer@gmail.com
    Phone: (573) 480-7662

    Bulletproof Firearms Instruction, LLC Linn Creek, Missouri I teach because I love to watch men and women get better and Read more [...]

  • Karen Whitlock

    Flowery Branch

    Instructor: Karen Whitlock
    Email: karen@triggertimerange.com
    Phone: (678) 245-0910

    Trigger Time Indoor Gun Range Flowery Branch, Georgia Karen is a Training Counselor with the United States Concealed Carry Association Read more [...]

  • Charlene Leibach

    Mt Juliet

    Instructor: Charlene Leibach
    Phone: (615) 606-0550

    Southern Sassy Shooters,LLC Mt Juliet, Tennessee As an instructor I enjoy working with women, to help build the confidence they Read more [...]

  • Rhonda Moore


    Instructor: Rhonda Moore
    Email: 360shielddefense@gmail.com
    Phone: (502) 622-8586

    360 Shield Defense LLC Glendale, Kentucky My focus us on Handgun fundamentals and gun handling safety. I offer Ky CCDW Read more [...]

  • Karen Farris

    North Andover

    Instructor: Karen Farris
    Email: karenfarris@comcast.net

    Karen Farris North Andover, Massachusetts I enjoy teaching and working with the women students I have worked with over the Read more [...]

  • Cassi Davis


    Instructor: Cassi Davis
    Email: twawbayouregion.cassi@gmail.com
    Phone: (985) 226-0235

    Cassi Davis Houma, Louisiana I a mom of two boys who has a passion for teaching firearms. I spend as Read more [...]

  • Rhonda Allen


    Instructor: Rhonda Allen
    Email: rhonda@apdsnc.com
    Phone: (919) 625-2988

    Academy of Personal Defense and Security Wendell, North Carolina APDS is a full-service firearms and self-defense educational facility dedicated to Read more [...]