Marcy Jankovich


Michigan Combat Dynamix, LLC

Jackson, Michigan

Michigan Combat Dynamix, LLC is a training and consulting service for customers, agencies and departments dedicated to providing the best regional tactical training and firearm consulting services in the Great Lakes market area. The partnership was formed between John “Jay” Jankovich and his mother, Marcy Desmond Jankovich in 2012, when Jay returned to Jackson from military service. The X in Dy-nam-ix is not a typo. It represents the four principles of marksmanship. Be they heroes serving in the Military or Police, or simply law-abiding citizens we teach our students with one goal in mind – to provide people with the skills and mindset to enter into crisis situations and prevail. Even if against great odds. We recognize that our students make a difference in an often dangerous world overseas or right here at home every day. Our mission is to give them the skills to make that difference. Sadly there are terrible people and circumstances in this world. We believe in heroes that bravely stand up to those dark forces. We at Michigan Combat Dynamix are here to give them the edge when the wolf is at the door.

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